How to identify any object with the mobile camera

There will be few occasions in which we have kept the name of the object on the tip of our tongue. Fortunately, thanks to the technology that we have today in our mobile devices, this will no longer be a problem. So we will not continue wasting our time every time the name of the object in front of us does not come to mind.

identify any object with the mobile camera

Currently, we have the necessary tools to be able to identify any element with the mobile camera with just a couple of clicks. If you still do not know how to do it on your own, here we will give you each of the options that you will have at your fingertips to achieve it quickly. Therefore, we recommend you pay attention. In addition, it will not matter if you have an Android or iPhone mobile.

Use Google Lens

The advancement of technology in recent years is something that amazes, now we are able to take out the mobile phone, open the camera and recognize any object that we focus on. One of the tools that facilitates this is Google Lens, which is capable of processing the image and giving us the exact name, it can even show us similar images when performing a quick search on the web. And not only this, but it also gives us the possibility to do it with those images that we already had saved in the terminal gallery.

Buscar objetos Google Lens

In the case of Android phones, this tool usually comes standard, if we have a smartphone with the recent Google operating system. However, in the case of Apple smartphones, we will need to download this specific application from the App Store, although it will not be exactly the same as in Android, since we will have to install the official Mountain View app. For this reason, we leave you the links so that you can install this software on your mobile before going on to know how you can do it:

Google Lens
Developer: Google LLC

Developer: Google LLC

This function that can lead us to think about its utilities without a clear answer has many. Within the identification, various surprises appear depending on what we are going to recognize with the mobile as we explain.

  • Food: useful for those times when we see a dish whose name we do not know, but we would like to know the recipe.
  • Breeds: animals are also a possibility, identifying them and even breeds when referring to dogs and cats.
  • Similar images: as if it were the reverse search of images in Google, this method facilitates the process to find something similar on the net.
  • Names: it will say the exact name of the object that we have focused on when taking the snapshot.

From the gallery

The first option we have at our fingertips will be the simplest, and even more so if we have an Android as a mobile. In this case, some customization layers also integrate it into their own gallery, while in other cases we will have to go directly to Lens or Google Photos . If it comes on the reel itself, we just have to select an image and then click on the Lens symbol so that it recognizes the element.

google lens galeria

On the other hand, if you have to access these tools, we must click on the images icon to access our gallery, select a photo and it will automatically scan the object that appears in the photo.

In the case that we have an iPhone, we do not have limited access, but our possibilities will be more affected. We will have to resort yes or yes to the Google app itself. Once inside, you will have to tap on the camera icon to access Lens. To do this, we must enter the official app of the American company that we had previously installed, click on the image icon (it appears in red in the following photo) next to the shutter, allow access to our gallery and choose a photo. Then it will go on to recognize the object.

Reconocer objetos de la galería del iPhone con Google Lens

From the camera

Here it will not be necessary to take a snapshot of the element that we do not name, just use the smartphone camera. On Android phones it will be faster, since they are usually accompanied directly by Lens within the photos app itself. So you just have to touch the Google Lens icon> choose Search> click on the button. At that time it will give us the result of what we have focused on. However, on Apple phones we will not be able to go directly to the camera app, but we will have to go on to use the following method.

Entrar Google Lens desde la app de cámara de un móvil Android

From the Google app

In Android phones we will also have a third option to enter from the Google app itself . Upon entering, we will see the camera icon. Therefore, when clicking on it, it will take us to another section where we will have to click on Search with the camera. At that time, we will be inside Lens to choose the Search option.

On the other hand, if you have an iPhone in your possession, you will have to go yes or yes to the official Google app, click on the camera icon and choose the Search option. By tapping on the magnifying glass, it will start looking for the results, so it will show us visual matches or the exact name .

Reconocer objetos con Google Lens en iPhone

Help yourself with apps

On the other hand, the previous option is not the only way that we will have available to continue fulfilling the objective of naming the different elements that we see. Fortunately, we will find the following third-party applications that will also be of great help.


Although Pinterest is a social network of photographs in which everyone uploads images, the truth is that its application uses a huge database so that we can search it from an image saved on our mobile device. Therefore, it is one of the best options, since it does almost the same job Google Lens does when identifying an unknown element . It is not at the same level, because instead of telling us the exact name, it will show us similar results.

Developer: Pinterest

Developer: Pinterest


In the description that appears when downloading, CamFind claims to be the world’s first most successful mobile visual search engine. And although it is something very difficult to confirm, what we can say is that this software allows us to search for anything on our mobile device just by clicking on an image. Once we have scanned the photo, it will show us internet search results, related images, price comparison, etc. In addition to that you can also access the phone gallery to scan other items that we had photographed with the mobile camera.


Photo Sherlock

As a last option we bring you this software called Photo Sherlock. This application is capable of providing us with a search by image taken from the camera at first such as Google Lens or from the gallery of our mobile device. This software can even be used to search for information about a photo on the Internet, for example, to detect whether a snapshot is real or not on a social network. So it will also be of great help to identify any object with the phone.