Ideas for a sustainable back to school

Caring for the environment is a value that is learned from a young age. The youth of today will inherit the planet in the future. We suggest you take advantage of going back to school to start adopting more sustainable habits . Do your homework with these ideas for a sustainable back to school !

September is considered by many as the month of beginnings and new resolutions. For the little ones, the school year begins and many older ones return to work after the holidays. What better time to take the first steps towards a more sustainable lifestyle?

We maintain our commitment to the planet and to saving with our 100% green electricity rates and always low prices. In addition, we help you with the September slope with the 50 + 20 promo. Now is the time to review the 5 R’s rule of recycling and we propose some ideas for a sustainable return to school.

Ideas for a sustainable back to school

Reuse school supplies

The beginning of the course is usually accompanied by school purchases : textbooks, notebooks, pens, uniforms … The list of materials is enlarged and with it, the cost for your pocket and for the planet.

The best way to lower the economic and environmental cost of starting school purchases is to reuse the material from other years . Take out all the pencils, notebooks and cases and see if you can still extend the life of the materials .

What if you have to buy new things? There are many options to make your school purchases more sustainable such as recycled paper notebooks or refillable pens.

Books are usually one of the biggest outlays at the beginning of the course. A more economical and sustainable option is to exchange textbooks. Many schools run second-hand markets and book rental services. One of the requirements for them to be reused is that they are in good condition.

Some AMPAs have also created uniform banks where clothing that no longer fits children can be donated. If you have children of different ages, the clothes or uniforms can be interchanged.

Reduce waste

If we want to achieve a world with less plastics, it is important to start reducing single-use plastics as much as we can. And this can start from the smallest.

Opt for reusable water bottles over plastic ones to avoid waste. At lunch or snack time, substitute foil or plastic wrap for reusable wrappers and snack holders.

An option that is also healthier is to change the industrial pastries, which usually go in plastic bags, for fruit or homemade options that you can transport in reusable containers .

Are you familiar with the Teachers for Future initiative? These teachers promote the ‘Zero waste recesses’. Propose your school to join and encourage all students to reduce waste from snacks and lunches.

Reincorporates transportation alternatives

As you can see, many of these ideas for a sustainable back to school are also applicable for adults. Reducing the use of the car is one of them. Think about the traffic jams and rush hours every morning … Try to leave the car at home and walk with your children to school whenever you can.

You can choose to go to school on foot, by bicycle, scooter or by public transport. Any option is good! This will reduce the environmental impact of going back to school and will allow you to enjoy good times with the little ones.

If you have to take the car yes or yes, organize with other parents to make a route and share the car to take the children to school. You can take turns to reduce the use of the car.

Reconcile with nature

Take advantage of the afternoons and weekends to make family trips to nature . This will help the little ones to bond with the environment and learn to respect it.

Environmental education is a fundamental pillar in the fight against climate change. Therefore, it is important for children to discover and be fascinated by nature. And the best way to do it is to live it up close.

A more accessible option is to take them to a park or garden after class. So they can have fun and enjoy the outdoors while being in contact with nature.

Recycle at home

Many schools already include sustainability values in their activities. This awareness should continue at home. How about involving the whole family to start recycling ?

If you join, you can get into the habit of recycling by posing it as a game. This goes beyond memorizing the colors of the containers. You can think of challenges to encourage the family to recycle, create toys with waste, establish prizes for those who recycle the most …

A put for renewable energy

Renewable energy is in fashion, didn’t you know? Renewables are one of the keys to leaving a cleaner and safer planet for the children of the future. And this is a path that you can start walking today.

This is where Gain Energy can become your ally. All our energy is 100% renewable certified by the CNMC. Join the green resistance and start the course sustainably.

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