ID Size Photos – How to Do It with Adobe Photoshop

When renewing the DNI, Passport or Driving License, we will need to go with passport-type photographs to complete the documentation. In general, many users decide to go to photo shops where they make us and print the photos directly in the appropriate size. But in the case that we already have our photos on the computer, we can choose to create our own photo templates using Photoshop.

And is that the Adobe editing program is the most popular worldwide. Despite being a paid tool, its purchase is more than justified for both professionals and lovers of publishing. The application is full of functions that will help us to carry out all kinds of tasks and jobs that are related to photography.

ID Size Photos - How to Do It with Adobe Photoshop

Characteristics of a DNI size photo

When making and printing our own photographs to be used with official documents, we must take into account a series of characteristics that they must have in order for them to be valid. The photograph will serve us as visual identification so it must meet a series of requirements.

For example, the photograph must show the oval of the face, it must be in high resolution and on good quality photographic paper. Its background must be white and smooth, as well as taken from the front with the face totally uncovered, with nothing that may prevent or hinder our identification.

The necessary size for passport photos to be used in official documents in Spain must be 3 x 4 centimeters , specifically a width of 26 millimeters and a height of 32 millimeters .

All these premises are important to be able to have valid passport photos to obtain the DNI or other documents. If you want to use Photoshop to create them, today we tell you the steps to follow to achieve it.

Make ID-size photos with Photoshop

The first thing to do is download the latest version of Photoshop in case we do not have it from your website . Its price is 24.19 euros per month and allows us to obtain a free 7-day trial version, which may well serve us for the creation of our passport-size photos.

Once downloaded, we open Photoshop so that its main menu appears. Here we must go to the “File” and “Open” tab to select the image that we want to convert into a passport-size photograph.

Adjust the photo to official measurements

Once we have added the photo to Photoshop, we must click on the “Cut” tool, which we find in the toolbar or we click directly on the letter C on the keyboard.

In the upper part we are going to establish the official proportions that the photograph must have in order for it to be valid to be used both for the DNI and for the rest of official documents in Spain. Therefore, we will write 32 mm for the height and 26 mm for the width. Next, we must move the image inside the square to adjust it to the measurements and be able to make the cut.

Photoshop ajustar y recortar una imagen

Later, once the cropping is done, we will click on the Image tab, which will display an Options menu from which we will select Image size. Once opened, we will select 300 dpi as the standard resolution for these types of photographs, as well as a document size of 5 x 5 centimeters.

Photoshop tamaño de la imagen 300 ppp

Create a template for multiple photos

Once we have adjusted our image, now we are going to create a template where we can attach several passport-size photos to be able to print them at the same time. To do this, click on the File tab and select New to create a new project. A new window will appear where we must establish the measurements of 15 cm wide by 10 cm high . In the Resolution section we will establish the same as in our image, that is, 300 dpi.

Photoshop nuevo proyecto 10 x 15 cm

Now we just have to drag and drop our cropped image to the template we have created. In this way, we can place it until we obtain a total of 6 passport-size photographs , in an arrangement of 2 columns and 3 rows. As an option, we can make it faster by using the “Ctrl + J” key combination to get all the layers until the template is completed.

Photoshop 6 copias tamaño carnet

Once finished we can print the template with the photos from the same program, by clicking on the “File” and “Print” tab. This will bring up a window with the “Print Settings”, with a preview of the image, as well as choosing the printer and some print settings. Finally, click on “Print” to start the process.

Photoshop imprimir 6 fotos tamaño carnet

Use IDPhoto4you as a free alternative

In the event that we need to create our own passport-size photos and we don’t feel like using Photoshop for it, we can use a free online application called IDPhoto4you. This tool will help us create a passport-size photo according to the standards of several countries, including Spain, avoiding having to resort to the expensive Adobe photo editor. This application supports the photo identification requirements of 73 countries, including Spain. Therefore, it will only be necessary to select it from the list and customize the photo to our choice. It is a safe tool because it is responsible for encrypting the image during the upload and download procedures, so it guarantees that they are safe.

To use it, simply access its website by clicking on this link . Subsequently we select our country the size of the photo and the size of the print. We just have to bear in mind that the maximum file size is 10 MB , and it must have a minimum size of 130 × 200 pixels, and a maximum size of 10,000 x 10,000 pixels, as well as a JPG and JPEG file format. Next, within the Image file tab, click on Select file and choose the file that we want to adapt to the passport size. We accept all the conditions of use and click on the “Upload” button.

IDPhoto4you cargar foto para convertirla en tamaño carnet

Once the image is uploaded, a new screen will appear where we will be able to configure the brightness and contrast through the help of sliders. We must bear in mind that if we increase the brightness it is advisable to increase the contrast to half the brightness value. Once finished, click on “Next”. Finally, we only have to edit the image to adapt it to the desired proportions, and once finished click on “Make Photo”.

IDPhoto4you ajustar foto tamaño DNI

Once we have finished making the pertinent adjustments to the photographs, we go to the last screen where we will see a preview of our template with the photographs, so we only have to click on the “Download” button to begin downloading.

IDPhoto4you descargar fotos tamaño carnet