I don't have an antivirus on my PC, but I use this trick to stay safe

We all know the importance of an antivirus to reinforce the security of our equipment and its software. They are practically essential programs on any device, the first thing that should be installed, to the point that operating systems usually already include some basic ones.

I don't have an antivirus on my PC

With such importance, practically no one considers managing their devices without using an antivirus , taking into account that in addition to the pre-installed ones, there are also multiple third-party options and even completely free ones.

How to protect yourself without antivirus

Although it may seem unbelievable and many are unaware of it, there is a trick that we can configure in the Microsoft system to protect our computer , even if we do not have this security program.Aplicaciones y características

One of the main sources of entry for all kinds of malware and malicious code comes through the applications that we download and install, especially if they are from untrustworthy sources .

This is the key point to configure Windows more strictly in the downloads that are carried out. If we enter the Settings menu and then Applications and features we can choose where we want to get the applications from. We can deploy and we will see that there is an option to do it “Only from Microsoft Store” .

By restricting other sources of downloads external to the operating system itself, we will make the Microsoft Store the only source for obtaining applications, but obviously we will also ensure the reliability of the official Microsoft store .

There are no real reasons not to use antivirus

Apart from this particularity and the trick to make sure that all the new applications installed are protected without the need to have a control tool for it, there are no real reasons to choose not to install an antivirus .

Malicious content can also be beyond the programs and downloads and you risk that downloading any document, file or video will also infect your computer. It is true that some security solutions can reduce the performance of your computer, but there is so much variety to download that you will surely find one that works perfectly for you.

Taking the latest results from AV-TEST as a reference, which performs its antivirus quality measurements with a score of up to 6 points in the areas of ‘Protection’, ‘Performance’ and ‘Usability’ . That is why, exposing each one to more than 13,000 types of malware, they are able to see how they respond and only 10 have been the ones that got 6 points in each section.

  • Avast Free Antivirus
  • Avast One Essential
  • AVG Internet Security
  • Avira Security for Windows
  • Bitdefender Internet Security
  • G DATA Total Security
  • Kaspersky Internet Security
  • McAfee Total Protection
  • NortonLifeLock Norton 360
  • Trend Micro Internet Security

Either you follow the trick of only installing verified and certified applications in the Microsoft Store , or consider installing some of these antiviruses, which are even free.