Do this and save big on your electricity bill this week!

Surely you have noticed that this week there has been a significant change in temperatures. We have gone from temperatures even below zero in part of Spain, to over 20 during the day in many areas. But, can we take advantage of this change to save on the electricity bill ? In this article we are going to explain something you can do to try to reduce consumption at least a little.

Take advantage of the high temperatures during the day

Do this and save big on your electricity bill this week

Something that happens on these dates, especially in weeks like this in which the maximum daytime temperature can be high, is that there is a big difference compared to the night. That is, we can go above 20 degrees during the day, but then at night it is still cold and that forces us to use the heating, put a stove, etc.

What you can do is take advantage of that maximum temperature that it does during the day . You can ventilate the house in the hours when it is hottest and even take advantage of it to open the doors and windows for longer. The objective is to get the house to warm up, in the same way that you would achieve if you plug in the heating. But of course, in this case you are not going to waste any energy.

When the house gets hot, what you are going to do is take advantage of the thermal inertia. Basically it is to take advantage of the high temperature and maintain it as long as possible. This way you will not have to put any stove or heating or, if you do have to, less time than necessary.

Good thermal insulation is key

For this to have an effect it is also important to have good thermal insulation . We want the house to heat up during the day, but not to lose heat rapidly at night. Therefore, it will be key to have a good closing of windows, doors and to prevent heat leaks.

The idea of having a good thermal insulation is to avoid the exchange of exterior and interior temperature . In winter, what we are looking for is that the heat inside is not exchanged with the low temperatures outside. This is not always possible and we must find ways to improve it. Something common is to use weather stripping to seal the windows. With this we managed to cover any small crack where the cold can enter.

In this case, to take advantage of the higher temperatures that there are during the day this week, what we are going to look for is that the heat from the outside does enter but, once night comes and the temperatures drop, take advantage of that thermal insulation to achieve Keep the temperature as low as possible overnight. The next day, same procedure. You can also take advantage of home automation to improve consumption, although sometimes you will have to install an access point.

You can see some options to isolate the windows:

Keep in mind that a large part of the electricity consumption in the winter months comes from the use of stoves, heaters, radiators and the like to increase the temperature. Therefore, avoiding using them as much as possible these days will save you on your bill. If you can take advantage of the increase in temperature during the day, much better.