I can't buy at Amazon: common problems with the card in the online store

At this point, we don’t need to tell you that the electronic commerce giant, Amazon, is one of the first options when buying online. Here we have a huge variety of products of all kinds to choose from, and many facilities for it.

All this is something that becomes especially palpable if we are subscribed to its Amazon Prime modality. In addition to not paying for shipping, sometimes we receive the products a few hours after ordering them. For many this is an important advantage that makes them opt for this alternative. Likewise, the e- commerce giant offers us some additional services, including e-books, music, movies, and series, all included in the subscription.

common problems with the card in the online store

Both end users and companies make use of this online shopping service on a regular basis, even to buy food. And it is that we must take into account that it will rarely be at the same time that we do not find a certain product here. Therefore, and if we use this Internet store on a regular basis, when a payment problem occurs and we cannot complete the purchase, we are in a compromised situation.

But don’t worry, problems with our added bank card on Amazon are more common than you think. Next, we are going to show you some of the most common problems that we can have with the card on Amazon.

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The bank card has expired

One of the most common problems that we can encounter when trying to make a payment on Amazon is that the specified card has expired. Although we already have the new one, perhaps we have not changed it in the online store, so how could it be otherwise, it gives us an error at the end of the payment.

At this point we only have to access our account settings and in the section called My payments, we can delete the expired card and add the new one. From that moment we will be able to finalize the purchase that we had pending.

We have no balance in the account

It may also be the case that we are using a credit card in which we no longer have a balance and therefore the payment cannot be made. The same happens if we do not have money in the account associated with the debit card we are using by default at Amazon at that moment. Therefore, we will have to deposit cash in the aforementioned associated account or choose another payment method.

We have selected a wrong card by default

In the event that you do not know, it is worth mentioning that our Amazon subscription can be associated with several bank cards , both credit and debit, or even directly with our account. Therefore, the problem when finalizing a payment can occur because we have specified an erroneous default card at this time.

And it is that when paying we can only establish a payment method by default. If this, for whatever reason, does not work or is wrong, we should select any other card or account that we have entered into the platform, specifically associated with our account.