I always do this to protect my files

For many years we have had compression software on our PC that we use for multiple tasks. We use these programs with compressed files and they help us both when it comes to storing and sharing this information.

As its name suggests, the first objective of these applications that we are referring to is to compress the data contained in the files that we select. Obviously this will serve us to a great extent, at least that was the initial objective, to save space on the disk drives of our PC. However, over the years its functionality and versatility have increased considerably.

I always do this to protect my files

We tell you this because in addition to helping us save space locally , compressed files are not very useful on the internet at this time. Thanks to them, for example, we have the possibility of sharing a good number of files and folders that we add in a single compressed file. This makes it much easier for us to upload that information, as it happens with its subsequent download.

For example, we can use this to send a complete program with its corresponding files, a multitude of text documents in a single file, or photos. The uses for these compressed files are endless, which is why a compression program is present on most computers today. In fact, Microsoft‘s own operating system already includes an integrated function that allows us to work, at a basic level, with them. But of course, due to its current widespread use, security and privacy measures are increasingly important here.

How to add a password on compressed files

As we mentioned, at this time tablets are often used on many occasions to send information over the Internet. We also share the included files through email , P2P networks , or simply upload it to our blog. But on certain occasions here we add certain sensitive or personal information that we do not want to fall into the wrong hands. Hence the importance of protecting these compressed files quickly and easily.

Actually, we talked about the possibility of adding an access password to open this compressed file. In this way those users who do not have the access code will not be able to view its content. This is a function that at this moment most of the current compression programs already provide us. Therefore, we can benefit from it and thus protect our new files with personal or sensitive content to the maximum.

Most of the time this is an option that is presented, albeit optionally, when creating new content with these characteristics. Therefore, we only have to select those files or folders that we want to include in the new compressed. Next, when establishing a name for it, in addition to selecting the corresponding format that we are going to use, we find the password function .

contraseña comprimido

This feature included in compression programs allows us to add an access key to be able to open the file and access its content. Obviously, so that the recipients can see the files and folders that we include here, we will have to provide them with that password . However, all this will be perfectly protected against those who we do not want to have access to that information.

añadir contraseña

Obviously, here it is recommended to use complex passwords so that security is greater and the files cannot be hacked .