Huawei: Why Do Mobile Phones Turn off or Restart

Turning off the mobile is a practice that not many users practice. Even at night and when we are not using the device, it is common for it to stay on. For this reason, it draws our attention much more when we find it turned off for no apparent reason, or when we are operating and it turns off or restarts suddenly . Let’s see why this happens in Huawei phones and how to solve it.

Huawei: Why Do Mobile Phones Turn off or Restart

When our mobile is turned off or restarted unexpectedly, the alarms that something is wrong go off. However, in a vast majority of cases, these are actions caused by ourselves or minor errors that we can easily resolve . However, if nothing that follows works, it is likely that your Huawei mobile needs to be checked by a specialist technician.

Sudden blackouts in Huawei: causes and solutions

Check phone charge

In this case we will have to verify if the phone has enough charge. Many Huawei terminals can automatically turn off if the battery level drops below 3%. To avoid damaging the battery if this occurs, it is advisable not to turn on the phone until the battery has been charged to at least 3%.

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Shutdown button pressed by mistake

On many occasions, it is possible that the phone is reset or shut down is placed in your pocket or purse and the On / Off button is pressed by mistake. The phone will reboot if the Power button is held down for more than 10 seconds. It is another of the most common causes of this problem, so we must check if it occurs in these circumstances.

It can be room temperature

If the ambient temperature is too low or too high, the phone’s protection mechanisms will be activated. The phone’s battery works best when the ambient temperature is between 0 ° C and 35 ° C. However, the terminal can be turned off to avoid hardware changes in the event of sudden changes in temperature.

Auto power off mode

Many users forget that they have set the automatic shutdown mode , so even though it is a normal device configuration, it can be disguised as a failure. To verify that it is not activated, we will have to go to Settings and write in the search drawer On / Off programmed. If it is activated, we will only have to press the switch to deactivate this function.

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Low storage

Another possible reason is that the device contains an excessive number of files in the cache and the storage space is insufficient. This situation can cause internal failures including unexpected device shutdown. The solution in this case is to erase the residual files, uninstall the applications that we do not use and free at least 20% of the phone’s storage. The best thing therefore is to go through the “Manager” application and clean up the junk files.

Remove the memory card

When the memory card becomes corrupted, saturated or damaged, it can cause multiple system malfunctions , including general slow blackouts and sudden reboots. To clear up doubts, we will have to remove the memory card to verify if the problem is solved.

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Reset to factory settings

If none of the above works, and before requesting an appointment with the Technical Service, it is advisable to try resetting the system to factory settings. This obliges us to put our personal data in a safe place first. Then we go to Settings / System / Reset to factory settings.