Huawei Phones Will Be Updated with HarmonyOS Very Soon

The owners of a Huawei mobile are getting closer to receiving what will be the biggest change in the history of their mobile, a modification in the operating system that still remains a mystery in many aspects but that is still approaching the date marked. In recent weeks we have been able to know what will be the first Huawei phones to receive HarmonyOS , but now we also know part of the dates.

Since everything indicates that EMUI 12 did not exist and we will say goodbye to this layer of customization with EMUI 11, the firm wants to convey its commitment to updates in HarmonyOS and thereby demonstrate that things have not changed so much for the company after the veto from the United States. All the declarations that were made in that sense and the last ones are also a cause of “joy” for all the owners.

Most Huawei phones will have HarmonyOS very soon

Considering that April is the month where HarmonyOS will come out of beta versions and where we will see this new operating system in all its splendor, we can think that some Huawei phones are very close to updating. But to make this even clearer, the chairman of Huawei’s software engineering department, Wang Chenglu, has made some promising statements confirming that the goal is to install HarmonyOS on most models before June this year , thereby which refers not only to mobiles but also to smart devices of all kinds.

These statements bring us very close to having news and therefore finding the desired update by many just around the corner. If we pay attention to the leaks on their first terminals to be updated, especially the owners of the Huawei P40 and Huawei Mate 40 must be very attentive to the next movements.

What will happen to Huawei phones with the update?

We continue to have serious doubts about what will bring us and of course it is not known if the Google apps will disappear from the terminals that still maintain them or from those who have been able to get them with some of the available tricks. The latest details that come to us are from the beta 3.0 of HarmonyOS 2.0, where the Honor 9X is having the advantage of already enjoying it in the Asian country along with other high-end terminals from Huawei.

captura beta harmonyos

This screenshot and the few images that we have been able to see of the HarmonyOS betas have only told us that the operating system would be based entirely on Android, although due to the statements made by Huawei, that will progressively change to be a totally independent system and new.

Source> HuaweiCentral