Huawei: How to Activate the Accessibility Quick Menu in EMUI 10

The “Accessibility” functions can help us with the interaction of our mobile in the case of suffering some type of audiovisual. However, the accessibility options are so many and so useful that they are used by all types of users as best suits them. That is why both Google and the manufacturers themselves in their customization layers, are improving and adding options to accessibility. For this reason, today we will see access to a useful but hidden accessibility menu that we can activate on our Huawei mobile.

Huawei: Activate the Accessibility Quick Menu in EMUI 10

Not all accessibility options can be equally useful for all users. In addition, these are options that, in the face of the user who is not used to being entangled by the deeper options of their mobile, can go unnoticed. This time we are going to tell you about the Huawei function, which allows you to integrate a direct access to Accessibility and its options, from the software buttons of our terminal, that is, with a single touch we can access many of the more options used in a pop-up menu.

Enable quick access to Accessibility

To be able to access we will have to enter Settings and then go down until we find the “Accessibility Features” and enter “Accessibility” , finally we touch on Direct Access to Accessibility. When activating the option we will see a message that tells us how to activate the function. That is, we will have to hold down the volume up and down buttons for three seconds to activate the “Accessibility Menu”.

accesibilidad rápida en Huawei

A new icon will appear

Once the function is activated, the main change we will see in the lower buttons, since the silhouette of a person with open arms will appear, which refers to “Accessibility” and is a world-famous icon. Now, when we press it, we will see how a new screen will open before us full of quick settings and options, represented in large buttons. In this way we can quickly activate the Google Assistant, the accessibility settings themselves, turn the phone on or off, shortcuts to volume, brightness or applications.

accesibilidad rapida

Change the menu for other functions

However, if in the previous menu we click on “Select functions”, we can modify what will appear when clicking on the quick accessibility icon . In this way, instead of the quick actions menu, we can make TalkBack appear, List Selection, Color correction, Color inversion, Accessibility with switches or Answer calls with Bluetooth devices.