How You can publish quality content?

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Positions, key phrases, and finally high traffic – these are the terms that we use when thinking about conversion on our website. However, we forget how important it is to generate valuable traffic, i.e. traffic that will translate into a good conversion. Its creation in the SEO world requires content, i.e. content on the page. In the article below, you will learn about some universal principles of its creation, available both for a starting website and a large portal.

Creating real solutions to real problems

A user who enters the phrase “how to write meta description” in the search engine wants specific solutions and answers to the question. Creating content that cheats or half-tackles the topic will increase the bounce rate and reduce the time the reader spends on our website or blog.

Code semantics

From the SEO point of view, the use of appropriate semantic tags (e.g. headings, quotes, definitions) helps search engine robots understand the meaning of individual elements on the page. In addition, thanks to the use of structured data such as microformats and schema microdata, additional information can be displayed in the search results, e.g. in the form of rich snippets or knowledge graphs. If you don’t have enough knowledge and skill set to improve the code yourself, choose a professional SEO expert like Rank Higher Agency.


Creating original content and touching topics that have not yet been described (at all or to the appropriate level of detail) can be the key to success. It is also worth observing which topics are gaining popularity (e.g. using the Google Trends tool).


Content is not just text, there is much more variety in the forms of content: infographics, social media posts, newsletters, videos and much more. It’s worth experimenting with different types and channels.


How are texts read on the internet? Rarely from cover to cover. Most people scan the content with their eyes, catch a single word or sentence, so it’s worth presenting it in an attractive way. Readability means: division into paragraphs, the use of bulleted lists, emphasizing the most important parts (e.g. bolding the text), etc.

Create your perfect persona

In order to properly define the profile of your recipient, you need to rely on data. Where to get them? One of the quickest ways is to analyze social media. The available statistics of the target group and useful tools such as Facebook Audience Insight will provide you with a lot of valuable information, including:

  • recipients’ demographic data,
  • the language they speak,
  • a list of pages they like and their interests.

In addition, thanks to FAI, you will track the purchasing activity of users visiting your company website, which will allow you to draw a number of important conclusions about them. Google Analytics collecting information about the website also turns out to be a helpful tool. Thanks to it you will learn: who your audience is, how they get to your website, how much time they spend on your website, what devices they use, how they behave when displaying your page, and how they move between subsequent subpages.