How to visit Area 51 on Google Maps

There are places in the world that manage to attract the attention of many, although some more than others. This can happen with the famous Area 51 found in Nevada, specifically, in the United States. There are not a few people who believe that, within this US military base, great mysteries are hidden, especially related to aliens and UFOs. Although, it will not always be necessary to travel to see the base, since we can do it from Google Maps.

They are conspiracy theories, although there are quite a few people who go on trips to rural areas of Nevada in order to see this military base up close, which, until a few years ago, many thought was totally a myth. There are even some brave ones who have even tried to jump the fences of the base in order to find out more about the aliens. But, as we were saying, from the air and, above all, thanks to Google Maps, we will be able to “travel” to Area 51.

visit Area 51 on Google Maps

What is lacking?

Several years have passed since Google Maps, this beloved tool that helps us not to get lost, came into our lives. Neither more nor less, it has been with us since 2005. Well, thanks to this tool many people have finally been able to find those “secret” areas that many believed did not exist and were nothing more than a myth. One of those places was Area 51 . Although, from this software we can go there and check that it really is.

It was in 2013 when the United States Government openly stated that it was only a military installation of the country. Although many believers of the aliens still think that there is something more. However, the coordinates of this base were a mystery, but today they are no longer. More than anything, because it is enough to enter Google Maps and write the following words “Area 51” , so that the program takes us exactly to its location. And, in case it doesn’t work, with the following coordinates it won’t fail: 37.24804,-115.800155 .

Área 51

The truth is that we will not see much, since the area appears largely deserted. This is because all the activity they do there is done in a classified way, so this makes it look like a simple blot within Google Maps . Something curious that happens is that, when we are going to drag the doll to a nearby area on the base or inside it, it will transform into a small flying saucer with a green light. A mere curiosity that, without a doubt, Google has taken advantage of.

Other “hidden places” on Google Maps

However, it is not the only corner of the world that has been hidden from other people. And, since the appearance of Google Maps, several people have been able to find all those “hidden places” that were believed to be just another legend or simply because they remain secret for reasons of state.

Among the different secret places that Google Maps has tried to hide from us over time or appear blurred, we find a series of locations that could sound familiar to you. Specifically, these are the locations:

  • North Korea.
  • Jeanette Island.
  • Mola Fortress.
  • San Blas Islands.

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