The Kobo eReaders, alternative book readers to Kindle

There are many people who spend the day reading, writing… on paper. But, without a doubt, there are many others who have switched to eReaders today. Not only for the convenience of having what is written digitized, but also because they can find a wide catalog of books that can be downloaded at any time. One of the best known brands of readers is Kindle, but also another great alternative that we will see today, Kobo.

This brand serves the same purpose as the Kindle, that is, it will allow us to read any type of eBook electronically, in addition to performing many other tasks such as correcting exams, writing any type of text, etc. And it is that, within the catalog that it offers us, there are several alternatives that we can find today. Therefore, we are going to see which are the Kobo eReader models and which is the most worthwhile.

Kobo eReaders

Kobo eReader models

Not only will we have to choose one and, above all, forever, the Amazon Kindle , we also find a significant variety of options such as the Kobo. Another brand of eReaders that competes directly face to face with the giant American brand. For this reason, we are going to see each of the models that we find, as well as their most important characteristics and, of course, the price of each Kobo. Although, we already warned you that we will go from the most expensive to the cheapest.

Kobo Ellipsa

The first of all that we will see, in addition to being one of the latest models to reach the catalog of the eReaders firm, is the Elipsa. We are an e-book reader that features a Carta E Ink 1200 touch screen up to 10.3 inches . So, in this case, we will be facing one of the largest panels that we will see throughout the entire catalog of this reader firm.

Not only this, but, as in other cases, we will find that we will be able to create notebooks and annotate eBooks . But, in this particular case, we will have up to 32 GB of internal storage available so that we do not have any type of problem when downloading electronic books. And not only this, but this model includes a stylus called Kobo Stylus that will make many tasks easier for us. In this case, it has a price of 399.90 euros.

Kobo Elipsa

Kobo Sage

This model, along with the Libra 2, are two of the latest to arrive on the eReader scene by the Kobo brand. In this case, we are dealing with a book reader that has an 8-inch screen, somewhat less than the previous option. However, in terms of RAM and internal memory we will have: 1 GB of RAM + 32 GB of internal storage .

The Sage model has a specific software with which you can adjust the brightness and temperature control to your liking, the function is called Comfort Light Pro . It even has a dark mode, a tool that we find in practically all current devices and that could not be missing either. Among other features, we find that it comes with Bluetooth and adds a function that is designed to listen to Kobo audiobooks. And, how could it be otherwise, it is compatible with Kobo Stylus. It has a price of 284.94 euros.

Kobo Sage

Kobo Shape

This third alternative that we find within the catalog of this brand is designed to make reading electronic books or other documents much more comfortable. In addition, we find that it incorporates a fastening area with two buttons that will help us turn the page. Although, we can also do it through its 8-inch Mobius E Ink Carta HD aligned touch panel.

At the time, it was the largest of all, at least in terms of screen size, even in certain software. Although, it has lagged a bit behind models like Sage or Elipsa. However, it is still a good purchase option, considering that we can find it from 239.99 euros. Everything will depend on the internal storage: 8 GB or 32 GB .

Kobo Forma

Kobo Libra 2

Let’s go with other of the latest models to reach Kobo. Specifically, we are facing the Libra 2 that has a 7-inch touch screen . Something smaller than the previous alternatives, but that will still meet our expectations. In this case, we are facing the successor to the Libra H20. This fourth option from the firm’s catalog also has Bluetooth and an anti-glare HD panel.

In addition, we also find the software function of the Sage model, Comfort Light Pro and up to 32 GB of internal storage so that we do not have any problem when it comes to storing books or documents in the eReader. Even this alternative stands out for being resistant to water. Finally, its price is around 186 euros.

Kobo Libra 2

Kobo Clara HD

We are going with one of the cheapest models in the catalog of this brand of eReaders. Specifically, we can buy it from 150 euros. In any case, we will enjoy a 6-inch panel, somewhat smaller, but that, without a doubt, will allow us to read any type of eBook or document that we want without problems. Of course, we will only have 8 GB of internal storage and its battery is recharged through a micro USB port and not USB type C as in the case of Elipsa or Sage.

Kobo Clara HD

Kobo Nia

Lastly, we find Nia, the cheapest model in the entire range of Kobo eReaders . It only has a price that slightly exceeds 99 euros. Of course, we will also have a 6-inch screen, 8 GB of internal storage and a micro USB port. But, if we are looking for a simple option that does not cost us more than 100 euros, this model will be for us. In addition, it supports up to 15 different file formats natively: EPUB, EPUB3, FlePub, PDF, MOBI, JPEG, GIF, PNG, BMP, TIFF, TXT, HTML, RTF, CBZ, CBR.

Kobo Nia

Which is the best option?

Among the six options that we find in the Kobo eReader catalog, the truth is that, in our opinion, the model that meets all current needs is the Sage model . Also, within the prices, it is not the most expensive of all. Although, it also does not have the largest touch screen of the different alternatives of this brand.

Even so, it has all kinds of functionalities, which is something that is appreciated and, therefore, is our recommendation today. However, it will also depend on the amount that we want to invest in this type of device, so if you want to spend a little more than 100 euros, the Clara HD model may be your best alternative.