How to Update ESET Antivirus to Protect Windows

The computer has become for many users the main leisure and work tool where we keep our most relevant and confidential information, so it is convenient to keep it safe. For this, we can opt for an ESET antivirus, which will not be of great help when it comes to having our equipment and all its stored data protected. But it is not enough to have the antivirus installed, but we must also have it correctly updated so that we can obtain the best protection always available.

ESET is one of the best known antivirus that we find for Windows. This antivirus is characterized by its extensive security system that allows us to protect ourselves from all types of viruses and attacks. However, this protection will not be of much use to us if we do not have it properly updated, since new viruses emerge every day that can bypass security measures. So today we are going to see how we can have our ESET antivirus correctly updated.

Update ESET Antivirus to Protect Windows

Download ESET

If we do not have ESET installed and we want to download it, it is important that we always download from a safe site . Therefore, the best option is to go to the manufacturer’s website , from where we can download both a trial version and buy the license of any of its three versions: ESET NOD32 Antivirus, ESET Internet Security and ESET Smart Security Premium.

Whichever version we choose, we will proceed to download a downloader. Once executed, the program itself will begin downloading the latest version available so far and begin the entire installation process. Once finished, we will have the latest version of our ESET antivirus on our computer.

Update to the latest version of ESET

Updating the database of this antivirus can be carried out automatically or manually . This means that the program itself will be in charge of checking regularly if there are new updates available. Another option is to control them easily, and thus know when it was last updated, to always have it up to date.

Update manually

To do this, from the main menu of our ESET antivirus we must click on the “Update” button located on the left task bar. Once pressed, a new window will appear where we must click on the “Search for updates” button, located in the lower right part. The program will then look for any more recent version , and if it is found, it will update automatically. At the top we will find the current version of our antivirus, as well as the last correct update.

Schedule update task

The default installation configuration creates by default an automatic update task that runs every. Likewise, we have the possibility to change this interval from the Task Planner. From this section of scheduled tasks, scheduled tasks are managed and executed according to the predefined properties and settings.

Therefore, if we want to create an update task , we must click on the “Tools” section that we will find on the task bar within the main menu of our ESET antivirus. Once pressed, another screen will appear where we must click on the “Task Planner” function.

Once here, all the scheduled tasks will appear. Among them, we find one of “Update” whose name indicates “Routine automatic update”, which runs every 60 minutes. As we are going to create another program, we can deactivate it by clicking on the marked square. If we also want to delete this task because we no longer need it, we right-click and choose the “Delete” option or click on the corresponding button at the bottom.

ESET eliminar tarea

To assign a new update task we must click on the “Add task” button. Next, a window will appear where we must give a name to our task and select a type of task. From all the options that appear in the drop-down menu, we will choose “Update”, we will leave it as “Activated” and click on “Next” to continue.

In the next screen we will have to do how often we want the task to be executed: “Once”, “Repeatedly”, “Daily”, “Weekly” or “When the condition is met”. It also allows us to check a box to not run the task if our computer is currently running on battery power. Click on “Next”, and now we will have to indicate at what time we want the task to be executed.

ESET establecer tiempo de las tareas

Later, the omitted tasks will appear in the next window. Generally, the task will not be carried out if the computer is off or running on battery, so we must indicate when to perform the following execution: “At the next scheduled time”, “As soon as possible” or “Immediately”, if the time since the last scheduled execution exceeds the hours limit that we establish.

Click on “Next” and in the last window we must select the profile with which we are going to carry out the task, in case we have more, and click on “Finish”. Once pressed we will check in the task planner how our new scheduled update task has been added.

ESET tarea añadida