How to Update a Samsung Mobile to One UI 3.0

The reality is that having a good mobile device is always something quite important for many users, although it is also essential that it be up to date with updates. More than anything, because with this we will not only receive the latest news that the manufacturer itself has been implementing in its customization layer, but it will also be a guarantee that we manage to keep our phone safe and that the operation is as correct as possible. For this reason, we will show you how to install One UI 3 on your terminal.

However, over the years, we will not always get updates when they should or even stop getting them. However, when there is a new one, the most normal thing is that a notification pops up on the phone and that, just by clicking on said notice, we can access the installation of the new software for the phone. Although, it will not always be the only way that exists, and that is why we will explain the different ways that exist to be able to give your Samsung mobile a facelift.

Things to consider before updating

Before reviewing the different official ways we have today to give a new look to our Samsung Galaxy mobile with One UI . It is time to know some of the aspects that everyone should take into account before embarking on the adventure with our mobile device. Not only by the classical route mentioned above, but by other methods that we will explain later.

one ui 3.0

In addition, it is important to know one of the methods that we will teach you below will be the most difficult to complete. Even, it will be very easy to make mistakes and end up spoiling the phone in such a way that it is useless forever. Therefore, it will be necessary to act with caution and with knowledge of the facts, since it will be under your responsibility. That is, we are not responsible for what may happen to your Samsung terminal.

Other aspects that will have to be assessed are the following:

  • It has backup copies in case the update to be carried out should fail.
  • Take care of safeguarding all your most personal data, as well as photos and videos. A good way will be Google Photos or transferring these multimedia elements to a computer or hard disk.
  • We will not always be able to enjoy a new version as soon as its launch is made official. This is due to the simple fact that they are gradually being implemented in the different models of the brand, also varying the country in which you are located. So, maybe it hasn’t reached yours yet.
  • Despite the fact that we all want our mobile device to be up to date. Samsung smartphones usually do not have more than two major system updates, as well as their customization layer. Although, luckily, in March 2021, the Asian company assured that all its models launched from 2019 onwards will have 4 years of updates, although they will only be 3 for the software. The fourth year will be left to implement security patches.

Access the Samsung Members beta

Luckily, Samsung offers test updates for certain models , also depending on the country. For this reason, it is common for certain users to access to be able to test the news before anyone else. The negative side of this is that betas are not always operational or even compatibility is not given for all devices, but it is convenient to know how it would work.

Samsung Members

Of course, the best thing is that you only have to perform one step, which will be to frequently check the Samsung Members application. In addition to the fact that different tips and promotions appear within this, we will be able to know when there is a beta for our Galaxy. And if it is the case that it is compatible with our terminal, we will only need to sign up through the Members ad. Therefore, we will list the steps to follow:

  • First download the Samsung Members app from Galaxy Apps or Play Store.
  • Afterwards, we must register in said app of the South Korean company so that we can participate in the One UI Beta program.

When a notice appears in a certain beta opening of the branding layer, we will have to complete and send the request. If our account meets all the criteria for participation that are required, we will be able to enjoy this beta program forever. And once this process has been completed and accepted, we will only have one last step, install said software on our phone.

Wait for the OTA update

The truth is that this option is always one of the first to be taken into account by everyone. And not only that, but it is the alternative of all those that we present to you that is the safest when it comes to switching to a new software version. In addition, in principle we will not have to do much, since when we have a pending software version, we will receive a notification on the mobile itself. So, we only have to click on said notice and start updating the mobile . Of course, it will ask us for a minimum battery.

Actualización Samsung Galaxy S7

Although on some occasions, despite the fact that our smartphone is compatible with a certain version, it does not jump us automatically. And maybe we are waiting for a new version and it never comes. Fortunately, there is a fairly simple way to manually check if our Samsung Galaxy has an OTA update . To do this, you must follow the following steps:

  • Access the settings of your mobile device.
  • Look for the Software update section.
  • Click on Download and install.

Once these steps are done, the phone will connect to the servers in search of a possible new version of the system. In the event that it is really available, it will be offered to us immediately for installation. In addition, we recommend that you perform this step from time to time to keep your smartphone fresh and up to date. And not only for future One UI and Android updates, but also for the different security patches that are being implemented to keep devices protected.

Use a ROM

We are going with the last method and the most complex of all, the fact of using a ROM, since it will be necessary to use specific software for this, such as Odin. And how we explained to you before, when flashing a mobile we can leave it useless. So for this, it will be necessary to have certain knowledge on the subject, with the main objective of not taking any type of risk that is not really necessary. Of course, we will have to use the correct ROM so that we do not lose the warranty of the mobile, if it still has, or that Knox is not vulnerable.

Actualización Samsung Galaxy S21

For those who do not know, Odin is software for Windows, so we will have to have a computer to perform this method. In addition, this allows us to install the various portions of the system from a compatible ROM. In this way, we can download a new version that has not yet reached you as an OTA and do it manually. But, it is important to remember again that you will have to make sure that the ROM is the same model as your Galaxy. Therefore, the process to update a Samsung with Odin is as follows:

  1. Look for a newer ROM from our country first and then download it. There are different pages that offer us different versions.
  2. Inside the ZIP file we will find ourselves in front of the different parts of the ROM, as well as the Odin installer and an instructions file. They will have to be read to follow the data, although in general, it will be necessary to access said software and load the ROM in the determined memory spaces.
  3. Install the Samsung drivers for your computer.
  4. After this, you will have to turn off the mobile and turn it on in Download mode. To do this, you have to press and hold the volume up, the Bixby button and the power button. If they do not have a specific Bixby button, you will only have to hold the volume and power buttons.
  5. Then, connect the mobile to the computer via USB and make sure that the Odin tool detects it.
  6. Click on Flash to start the process. In case everything has gone well, the mobile will restart with the new version already installed.