How to Troubleshoot Getting IP Address

When it comes to connecting to the Internet, we can suffer a wide variety of problems that prevent us from connecting normally. These faults can be present at the system level or also affect the hardware. It must be taken into account that in this case both the router and the device from which we connect and its components influence. One of the problems that we can see is when the message of obtaining IP address but it does not connect appears. We are going to give some tips to try to fix it.

Getting IP address but not connecting

This is one of the frequent errors that we can see when we try to connect to a Wi-Fi network and we see that it does not connect. It throws us an error that indicates that it is obtaining the IP address but does not finish connecting.

How to Troubleshoot Getting IP Address

Luckily, as often happens with this type of failure, we have at our disposal a series of options that we can put into practice. Some interesting tips that would allow you to solve this incident and be able to navigate the network without problem. This is especially very common on Android devices.

Restart the computers

The first thing we are going to do is the most basic: restart both the device and the router itself. In this way we can solve many problems of this type. Sometimes a misconfiguration or any connection failure could lead to a message such as getting IP address but not connecting.

When we restart the router we must make sure to do it correctly. Simply turning the appliance off and on immediately is not enough. For the restart to be effective we must keep it off for at least 30 seconds before turning it on again. In this way we can check if this problem has been solved or continues to appear.

Forget the network

Another step we can take is to forget the network . To do this, we simply have to enter the Wi-Fi section, go to the networks that appear enabled, select the one we are trying to access and click Forget.

Later we have to click on that same network again and we connect. We will have to put the password you request again. This way we will have forgotten the previous configuration and in case the password has been saved wrong or some kind of error is occurring we can solve it.

Assign a static IP address

As we know, we can configure our device with a static or dynamic IP address. If we have it configured as a dynamic IP address and we get the error of obtaining an IP address but it does not connect, something we can do is assign a static address.

In the case of Android, where this problem is more common, we would have to go to Settings, enter Networks, Wi-Fi, select the specific network and access Advanced options. There, in the IP Settings section, we change it from DHCP to Static and we put the corresponding values.

Change the encryption type

Another cause for the error of obtaining an IP address and not being able to connect is due to using an inappropriate type of encryption. In this case, what we have to do is change the encryption of the Wi-Fi network.

As we know, we can make use of different types of encryption. However some devices are not compatible or there may be some kind of problem. If everything we mentioned above has no effect, we can change the encryption type of the wireless network whenever possible and see if that way we can connect.

Cifrado WPA2-AES vs TKIP

Remove MAC filtering if any

It is common for many users to choose to configure MAC address filtering on the router. This, although not a really effective security measure, can be useful to prevent certain devices from connecting to the network, for example.

However, it could also cause problems if there is a bad configuration. Therefore, if this error appears when we try to connect to Wi-Fi, we can try to eliminate the MAC address filtering on the router if we have configured it. For this, you will have to access the device and enter the configuration related to the wireless network and delete it there.

Check that the VPN is not interfering

VPN tools are very useful to protect our connection when connecting to public wireless networks, for example. They hide the real IP address and also allow us to access services that may be geographically restricted. We can use them both on mobile devices as well as on desktop computers. In many cases they are part of our day to day.

However, these types of programs could also be a problem on some occasions. They could interfere with connections and prevent us from connecting normally. If we have a VPN installed and the message of obtaining IP address appears and it does not connect, we can try to pause it momentarily. Maybe this will solve the problem and we can navigate normally.

See if the firewall or antivirus creates problems

Something similar happens with the firewall and antivirus . Security tools are important and can prevent threats from entering our systems. But they could also affect the proper functioning and create problems when connecting to Wi-Fi networks.

We can always choose to go into the settings and see that everything is working fine or even stop it for a moment and see if we can connect. Sometimes this type of software can be interfering in our connection and be a problem, although they are necessary to maintain security.

In short, if we run into the error that the Wi-Fi stays in obtaining an IP address and we cannot connect, these are some steps we can take to try to solve it. As we have seen, they are very simple options that can be very useful to reduce the risk of problems of this type. Wireless networks are widely used today and it is essential that they work in the best possible conditions to avoid failures.