How to take screenshots on OPPO phones

Today’s smartphones hide all kinds of functions, and they are getting better and better. However, among the most useful we need to talk about screenshots . Basically, because they have become those kinds of essential tools that we can no longer stop using. Taking a snapshot and sending it immediately is essential for many users. For this reason we wanted to review this option to see all its possibilities and explain how it is done on OPPO mobiles.

It is quite likely that you have already read on different occasions on our site that OPPO mobiles run on the ColorOS operating system. This is a very old user interface also based on Android that currently has different options that make it more and more special and different from the other software layers of smartphone manufacturers. Although we know that we have a terminal with a good display, the screenshots are not made in the same way on all phones, but they are on all of this Asian brand. That is why we are going to see all the available options that we will have on these devices.

How to take screenshots on OPPO phones

Five different methods

In the terminals of this firm that comes with ColorOS there is not a single way to do things and in this case even more so. For this reason, we have several ways at our disposal so that we can immortalize what appears on the panel of our device, both using the touch screen, the voice or the buttons themselves. Even if any of the different options fail, you can get it in another way without much difficulty. So stick with the couplet on how to take screenshots on OPPO phones .

OPPO Reno6

In addition, once the capture has been made by any of the following methods, we can carry out a simple edition . We will only have to click on Edit to have at our disposal tools such as: cut, add text, light, filters and much more. Finally, we will only have to touch on save and that’s it.

The best known way

It is the most classic method and the easiest to do. To do this we will have to hold down the power and volume down buttons for approximately two seconds. If we have done it correctly, the screen will briefly flash white and we will hear the shutter sound whenever the mobile sound is activated. It is important to press both buttons at the same time, otherwise the capture will not take place.

Captura de pantalla en móviles OPPO

In addition, a preview box will appear to see the image we just took. Although we can also access it if we enter the gallery and go to the screenshot album. This will be where all the images that we recover from our OPPO with the different methods that we are going to discover little by little will be stored.

through gestures

This method is one of the fastest and effects. This is so because we will not have to hit the hardware buttons and find their location. All you have to do is slide three fingers across the screen for the capture to take place successfully. To achieve this we will have to go to Settings > Intelligent Functions > Gestures. Then we will have to touch on the panel with all three fingers at the same time.

OPPO captura pantalla con gestos

Now the function will be active and will remain this way, even if we restart the terminal. To take the screenshot we will have to slide three fingers from the top of the display down.

From the sidebar

OPPO phones also have an extra option that we can find in a similar way in other layers, such as One UI with its capture bar or the floating ball of Xiaomi phones. In this case, this mobile firm has an intelligent side space that includes different tools, among them, the one that will allow us to take snapshots of the device’s display.

To activate it, we must go to Settings> Practical tools> Smart sidebar . Finally, and once this function is enabled, we will have to place this tool where we want and click on Screenshot.

With the Google Assistant

How could it be otherwise, not only will we have to press buttons or keys to take snapshots of the OPPO device’s touch panel, but with our sweet voice we will also be able to, and without touching the phone at any time.

okay google asistente

Just by using the voice we can also take a screenshot of what is appearing right now in the image. Of course, we have to remind you that the assistant can be woken up with the command ‘Ok, Google’ but also by simply keeping the home button pressed, or by sliding from the right corner if we have the gestures activated.

But, since we don’t want to touch the smartphone, we will have to wake it up with the command and then ask the assistant to take the photo. To do this you will have to say the command: ‘ Ok, Google. Take a screenshot ‘.

use an app

Although it is not strictly necessary, we also have the opportunity to install a third-party app that will always allow us to find alternative methods to take screenshots on our OPPO mobile . We leave you just below with the direct link to an alternative, which is one of the most downloaded on Google Play.

With this application we can quickly take screenshots of the display on our Chinese mobile using a floating button or shaking our device, among many other options. We can even take images of a specific area of the phone’s panel.

And the full screenshots?

It is a variant of the standard screenshot, but this function will be very useful to be able to obtain a larger piece of what interests us. It is very useful for recording WhatsApp conversations or larger fragments of a web page.

OPPO captura de pantalla larga

In order to do so, we will keep the power and volume up buttons pressed for approximately two seconds or perform a normal one, as indicated in the previous method, and click on the options that appear on ‘Long capture’. The image is saved in the Photos app.