How to Take Photos with a Gesture on a Realme

Taking photos on our phones has become as common as sending messages or surfing the Internet. We have more or less skill taking photos with the phone, the truth is that everything that is simplifying the task of taking them is something that is undoubtedly appreciated. And today we want to tell you a novelty of Android 11 for Realme mobiles to take photos with a gesture.

It is by no means the first manufacturer to offer us a feature like this when using the camera. But it is true that in the case of Realme it is an interesting novelty that comes along with the second version of its layer, Realme UI 2.0 .

Why take photos with a gesture?

The photographs we take with the telephone are undoubtedly the most varied, as well as the places where we take them, since the telephones offer us the possibility of taking photographs comfortably regardless of the place and the situation, due to their compact size. And taking a photo with a gesture can be perfect if we want to take the photo without holding the phone. This can happen especially in group photographs, in which we surround ourselves with many people, we hug, we hold, or simply the focus of the image so that all the members of it fit. Taking photos with a gesture is still something like using a timer or a remote shutter , only in this case the photo is taken by our movement.

selfies realme

So it is the best way to take photos when we must keep a certain distance from the camera, when we have no one to take the photos, or simply to show off to our friends from the whole party that we take on the phone. Well, now Realme mobiles offer us a really interesting functionality, which allows us to do just that, take pictures with a simple gesture. For this we will have to have Realme UI 2.0 , the second version of the brand’s customization layer, which has come with interesting new features in the interface of the camera, which now offers us an easier way to do these. and above all more complete and comfortable.

How is this mode activated?

Well, it is something very simple, because the Realme camera app has now been updated with new options that make it easier for us to use this camera, and above all more comfortable on some occasions, as other manufacturers already allowed us. This new function can be found in the settings , and we can access it as follows:

  • Open the camera app of your Realme
  • Click on the nut icon to access the settings
  • Now slide the screen until you reach the “Shooting Methods” section.
  • Click on the slider of the option “Use gestures to take photos”

fotos gesto Realme

How do you take one of these photos with gestures?

Once we have activated this functionality from the camera settings, we move on to taking the photos. Of course, this functionality is only available on the front camera , since it is designed to take selfies more comfortably. Therefore we cannot take photos with the rear camera with a gesture, something that also makes sense. When we have this function activated we will be able to see two new icons when entering selfie mode. We see a text at the top that says ” Show the palm of the hand to take a photo ” and below those two icons that show us the way to take the photo, and the correct arrangement of the fingers for it.

fotos gesto Realme

Basically to take the photo we must show the hand to the camera and keep all the fingers straight as far as possible and stretched out. If not, the photograph will not be done. In the case of placing your fingers correctly, it will take a few seconds for the countdown to start. Once it begins we have three seconds to position ourselves in the way that suits us best to take the photo. We will see how the countdown number appears in a considerable size on the screen. The only way to cancel the countdown will be by pressing some of the physical buttons that our phone has. When this is so. If not, at the end of this countdown the photo will be taken.

evitar distorsión selfies móvil

Photo by Martin Péchy on Unsplash

So with this method it will be easier than ever to take a photo in a freer way, without necessarily having to hold the phone. That is the great advantage, that we can have a more natural appearance by placing the mobile on any surface and with a good framing. A function that will not change our lives, but at least it will make it easier for us.