How to Share Your HBO Account: Control Payments and Dangers

The streaming content platforms are undoubtedly one of the best options for all those who like to watch quality content without time or day restrictions. In this sense, HBO Spain is one of the most demanded services and it has a large content catalog. However, the fact of offering the possibility of making simultaneous reproductions on different devices, has caused many users to share their subscription with family and friends. This is how you can share an HBO account.

It is already very common in the different streaming content platforms that several friends or family get together to sign up for a single subscription to the service and then share the account so that both can access the content catalog. In the case of HBO Spain, the subscription offered by the service allows the simultaneous reproduction of content on two different devices . Therefore, it is possible to share an HBO account between two people. This supposes a saving of 50% in the quota of the service.

share hbo account

Devices and people to share your account

There is a fact that should not confuse us if we are thinking of sharing an HBO account with other people. We refer to the number of devices that we can have registered in our platform account and the number of devices on which we can make simultaneous reproductions.

In the first case, it is possible to have up to five devices registered in an HBO account. This means that they are the 5 devices from which we can access the service. If at a certain time we want to add a new one, we will have to delete an HBO device and add the new one.


However, of those five devices registered at most, we can only perform a simultaneous playback from two of them. Hence, we can only share one HBO account with one other person besides ourselves. The only thing we will have to do is have the devices from which we are going to access the service registered and keep in mind that if we are already playing content from two of them at a certain time, we will not be able to start playing on a third party without leaving any from them.

Therefore, to share an HBO account with another person, simply subscribe to the service for 8.99 euros per month and divide that fee by two. In other words, we can have access to the entire catalog for just under 4.5 euros per month. Now, it is important to choose well with whom we share the account so as not to have problems.

Get organized for installment payments

For this, it is important to organize properly with the payments, since the subscription will be only in the name of a holder and who will have to give their personal and bank details to collect the fee each month. That is, if we are the ones who register the subscription, it will be us who will be charged the full fee. Therefore, we will have to take charge of collecting the part corresponding to the person with whom we share the HBO account.

It is therefore important to share the service with someone you trust to avoid having problems. Now, the truth is that when making the payment of the corresponding part of the fee, today we can use many methods, from periodic bank transfer to sending money between individuals offered by Paypal itself, Bizum , etc.

Of course, it is always recommended to do them by some method in which the payment is always reflected , since in the case that the payment is made manually, we can always have problems when it comes to knowing if a month we have been paid the fee or not.


Risks of sharing the HBO account

Even when we share HBO accounts with trusted people, we run the risk of arguing about whether or not we have been paid a month’s fee, that one has a little more face than the other and take the opportunity to play content on two devices and do not leave None available for the other person or even that the person with whom we share an account, shares the same account with third parties without us knowing.

Taking this into account, it goes without saying that sharing an HBO account with strangers implies these risks and even greater ones. This great boom in sharing accounts to save money has made hackers get down to work and see how they can get a slice of all this. So much so, that many are already offering to share HBO and other platforms, being canceled accounts that are able to reactivate.

That, not to mention the risk of sharing some private data from our account or bank card to make the payment of our part of the subscription, since we can be victims of a scam without realizing it.

What HBO Conditions Say

The truth is that if we review the conditions of use of the streaming service, it is not clear whether the fact of sharing an HBO account is legal or not. On the one hand, it is indicated that the access data of a user is for personal use and cannot be used by third parties, but below it is mentioned that the user is responsible for all use of the service that takes place through his account . Therefore, if the use is consented and under our responsibility, what happens?

What is clear is that platforms like HBO are aware of this practice and are already working on ways to prevent this from happening, but the truth is that it is not easy. Now, if we decide to share our HBO account with someone, we must know that any fraudulent activity of the person with whom we share the account, we will be solely responsible .

4.2 The User will be responsible for ensuring that the information provided at the time of registration is correct, including information obtained from other services and social networks and, if necessary, the User will update his user account with correct information. At the time of registration, the User may only provide information regarding the debit and credit cards or other payment methods that HBO makes available to them at all times (a “Payment Method”) owned by the User.

4.3 When registering, the User must provide a username and password (hereinafter the “Access Data”). The User Access Data is for personal use and cannot be used by third parties. The User will keep the Access Data protected against unauthorized access. The User is responsible for all use of the Service that takes place through his account.