How to Set Up a Screensaver on Mac

Setting up a screensaver on Mac is one of the simplest tasks in macOS, however you may not know it because it is new to this operating system or because you have never noticed this option. That’s why in this post we will show you how to put a screensaver on the Mac, in addition to showing you some of the most prominent ones you can use.

Activate the screensaver on the Mac

The first step to start setting up your Mac screensaver is to go to System Preferences> Desktop and Screensaver . Once here you will find two tabs: desktop and screensaver . You must place yourself in the second one to start configuring it.

Configuración salvapantallas en Mac

In the left part of the window, you will see that there are different screensaver options that you can choose from. It is on the right side where you can see a small preview , which you can see in full screen by clicking on it. The options available are varied and range from the classic visual effects with figures to different carousels in which your photos will be displayed with different effects. You also have the always interesting option of displaying personalized text. If you find it indifferent that screensaver choose or do not decide on any, you can configure it to appear randomly.

It should be noted that there are more options in this window, such as choosing how long the idle computer must be before the screensaver starts. You will also have the possibility to choose, or not, the clock to appear when activated. The option that refers to active corners is one that allows you to perform different actions when you move the pointer through one of the corners.

You can download new screensavers

In addition to the screensavers that we found natively in macOS, you can go to the internet to download others. There are many of them, although you must verify whether the website is trustworthy or not, since they will always be from third parties. We have made a small compilation with some interesting options that may be of interest to you.

fiqlo salvapantallas mac

  • Fliqlo : This screensaver, also available on Windows, allows us to have a classic digital office clock as a screensaver.
  • Ramusnielsen : if you like the analog clock format that the Apple Watch dials have, you’ll love this screensaver for macOS.
  • Skyrocket : it is not necessary to be at a special party or celebration to enjoy fireworks, since with screensavers like this you can have them even on your Mac.

salvapantallas matrix mac

  • Matrix 3D : if you are a Matrix fan this screensaver will hallucinate you so much that you will want to be dumbfounded looking at it.
  • Hyperspace : psychedelic screensavers like this can be very attractive as well as addictive to watch, you will certainly like it.
  • Plasma Tunnel : this screensaver takes you into an endless tunnel and leaves you with the strange feeling that the more you look the more you want to keep looking.

In short, these are the ways to configure a screensaver on Mac and some of the many designs of these that are on the internet. They are undoubtedly a very interesting way to personalize your equipment and make it look better when you are not using it.