How to Schedule Emails from an iPhone or iPad

Scheduling emails is something that can be vital in many situations. To be more productive, it is something that you should look for in any email manager to be able to do it from an iPhone or an iPad. If you have doubts about how you can do it, in this article we will tell you all the details to be able to carry out this task.

A utility that many users need

On a day-to-day basis, many emails are received and sent. Especially if you are a person who works in an office or with different companies simultaneously. On these occasions, shipping at quite late hours is not the most advisable thing to do and being aware to hit the ‘send’ button is not the most comfortable on a day-to-day basis. That is why there is the possibility in some cases of scheduling emails, as occurs in some messaging apps when sending different messages.

Schedule Emails from an iPhone or iPad

In this way, you yourself can choose the day of the month as well as the time at which you want a specific email to be sent. As we say, it can be used to avoid having to be annoying late at night or simply not to start a mail conversation simultaneously. Although, not all mail clients include this feature, such as the native Apple one. Here we show you how you can do it with different applications that you will find for free on your iPhone or iPad.

Mail does not allow to schedule any mail

Unfortunately, the native Mail application is seriously lacking in some features. One of them is undoubtedly the scheduling of emails. There is no possibility of being able to schedule an email to be sent at a specific time in the future, making it necessary to use other native applications. Undoubtedly this is a serious problem in ways since it is vital for many people. The fact of not worrying about when to send a specific message through email is essential in the vast majority of cases since many people work night hours and it is necessary to have a schedule for this type of communication.

Icono Mail

But as we say, there are other third-party applications that are widely used by users and that among their characteristics include these functionalities. Without removing obviously that in the future this feature can be implemented among many others of which there are certain shortcomings. But luckily in the App Store you can find a wide range of email management applications made by third parties that do integrate these programming features.

Email scheduling in Gmail

Gmail is one of the most used clients worldwide to manage email. This is because there are many accounts that exist with this domain due to all the endless services offered by the company of the great G. In its application for iPhone or iPad it is easy to schedule an email . You simply have to click in the lower right corner on the ‘Compose’ section.

programar mail gmail

Enter all the email data such as the body of the text as well as the recipient and get ready to schedule it. To do this you simply have to go to the upper right corner in the three points with the aim of opening a drop-down menu. Among the options that appear by default, shipping tomorrow morning, tomorrow afternoon and Monday morning of the following week stand out. But if none of these options finish fitting you, you can choose the section ‘Choose date and time’ to program it in a much more exact way by choosing the specific day in the pop-up calendar as well as the time.

The way to program in Spark

Both on iPhone and iPad, one of the most used managers by users is Spark. It allows to have the accounts of different services grouped together and to have all the mail in one place. Among many of its functions, the scheduling of emails so that they arrive on a specific date stands out. To do it simply you will have to do the following:

  • Compose a new email in the app.
  • At the bottom you will see an icon that has a small clock. Click on this.
  • In the menu that appears, choose the time slot you want to send, although you can also customize the date in the future.

programar mail spark

Although, the application offers users the possibility of having direct access to the most frequent hours at which you want to send your emails. In this way, the fan is much more open to be productive with this application. And all this without having to pay anything extra since this functionality is not within the pack of equipment that Spark has implemented. This is something that other applications cannot say where if you have to pay a subscription for these types of functions that are basic for many users.

Email scheduling in Newton

Another client that can be found in the App Store where all the email accounts are grouped is Newton. Despite having a subscription program, the most basic functions are available at absolutely no cost. One of them is the ability to schedule emails. To do this, you simply have to follow the following steps:

  • Once you have the email written, click on the clock that you will find at the bottom.
  • Among the options that appear on the follow-up right at the bottom and separately, you will have the possibility to click on ‘Send later’.
  • By clicking here, a calendar will appear where you can select the time and date you want your email to be sent.


All messages that are pending to be sent will remain in the outbox section. In addition, when programming, you can choose to cancel the shipment when the recipient previously sends you an email. In this way, it guarantees that you do not send a response that is out of place when they have already responded to a message that you have been able to send previously or that has simply come to you completely from scratch. Although this is something totally optional and it is not mandatory to activate it since it can always be left unchecked, although by default it is always activated so you have to be quite careful.