How to Save Data when Watching Apple TV + Content on iPhone or iPad

Apple-TV-plusAs a user of any streaming service, we are convinced that you always want to play the content in the highest possible quality. The problem is that this is not always possible or convenient, because mobile data rates are not yet unlimited (as is the case with fixed internet connections). So, we tell you how to change the quality of content playback on Apple TV + to save data.

How to change the playback quality on Apple TV +

To compete in this streaming services, it is not enough to offer high quality productions at the level of narratives, scripts, actors, etc. Yes, that is the really important thing, but the technical section also plays a fundamental role and together with a good application the best audio and video quality is sought. This implies more information per file and, therefore, greater data consumption

Apple TV +, like other video on demand services such as Netflix, offers different qualities and options that save data on mobility. The first and basic is the option to download the content previously. This is the best solution, because it directly consumes zero data of the rate you have contracted. The problem is that you limit that content downloaded at home or a Wi-Fi connection.

The second option is the most interesting if you want to save data: change the quality of content reproduction. To do this you just have to go to the iOS settings and access the exact section. If you don’t know how to do it, keep reading:

  1. Open the iOS Settings .
  2. Now look for the TV section and click on it.
  3. Inside you will see that there is a section that says iTunes Videos , press again.
  4. Then press Mobile data.
  5. Within that last section select Good.

With this, what you are saying to the application is not to download the file with the highest possible quality, but a more compressed or optimized version for slower connections or to save data.

This material reduces quality, but also total consumption. So you can get an idea, it would be more or less a 50% savings . And it is that most chapters of the Apple TV + series at maximum quality occupy about 2GB or so, while the Good quality version can go down to about 700 MB.

This setting can also be applied to the iPhone and iPad when connected to a Wi-Fi network. Although in that case it would not make much sense, unless it was a very slow connection and seeing it at a lower quality allowed a reproduction without cuts or stops.

However, knowing the quality of the screens of the current iOS devices, the best option to fully enjoy the content and not sacrifice quality is to download them previously as we have said. But since everyone decides, the important thing is to have options.