Disney + vs Netflix vs HBO vs Amazon Prime Video: Price Comparison

netflix-hombre-tvAfter the price increase of Netflix, which officially arrived in Spain a few months ago, we have to update our comparative tables to add to the last one to join the party: Disney + . The platform has finally announced the release date and, most importantly, prices for our market.

What streaming services exist?

With the arrival of Disney +, multimedia services options multiply, as users will have a new content library that will give more of a headache to some. So that you have a clear perspective of the current offer that is presented to us in the market, we have selected the most important streaming services so you can keep an eye on their prices and their most important features:

  • Netflix : The streaming service par excellence boasts an incredible catalog of movies, series and documentaries with which not to spend a second off the screen. The brand has grown exponentially, moving away from the figure of being a simple content distributor and becoming totally a producer. Its catalog has more and more exclusive titles, and the subscription options (Basic, Standard and Premium) offer enough flexibility when choosing a plan. You have them in the table you will find below.

Precios Netflix

  • HBO: He arrived in Spain showing off an incredible catalog of exclusive series, something that attracted many, especially the followers of Game of Thrones . Its agreements with operators such as Vodafone have allowed it to sneak into many homes, although it was feared that its success would decrease after the final farewell of Daenerys and its dragons, the company has managed to maintain the level with new and interesting titles (Euphoria, The New Pope , Rick and Morty’s fourth season) that still keep quite a few people hooked.


  • Amazon Prime Video: The gigantic online store also has its own streaming service with its own and third-party content. Its offer includes titles such as The Grand Tour , Six Dreams , The Purge , Jack Ryan , American Gods or The Boys and its main attraction is that Amazon Prime users have free access to their catalog at no additional cost.

Amazon Prime Video

  • Rakuten TV : Formerly known as Wuaki TV , it was a proposal of Spanish origin that offered a wide catalog of movies and series that you can enjoy as a monthly rental, purchase or subscription. It is available on many platforms, although its catalog is not as complete as that of other services.

Rakuten TV

  • Disney + : The new Disney service has confirmed its most important details in terms of price and release date. There are still a couple of months left for it to be available in Spain, but some of its great titles (such as The Mandalorian or those that are coming from Marvel) can shake more than one of the competition. Among the Disney classics (among which are also those of Disney Vault), we find Marvel movies, those of the Pixar label, all Star Wars and the entire Simpsons saga.


  • Apple TV + : Another who has not wanted to miss the party is Apple, which with its new Apple TV + service offer a shorter catalog of content (regarding the competition) but with important original titles signed by professionals from the film industry as important like Steven Spielberg or JJ Abrams. Those who purchase a product of the firm, carry under their arm a year of free subscription. For the rest, the cost is 4.99 euros / month.

Apple TV+

  • Movistar + Lite: Movistar recently launched a payment method that allows it to attract new customers without forcing them to opt for complex rates with fiber lines, or football or cinema packages. Movstar + Lite will offer films and series of its own production as well as content from channels such as # 0, #vamos, AMC, Fox, Comedy Central, TNT, Movistar Series and Seriesmanía.

Movistar+ Lite

What is the cheapest streaming service?

So you can take a quick look and see what streaming services are the cheapest in the market, we leave you with this table in which we write down the prices of each of the services mentioned above.

Precios streaming en España

How many simultaneous devices or simultaneous users allowed by these streaming services?

One of the functions that most interests users is that how many simultaneous devices can access the service with the same account. This has two very clear situations: on the one hand, when members of the same family decide to see different contents at the same time using a single account; on the other, when a group of acquaintances decide to share the account to reduce expenses.

This type of use will depend on whether the service in question allows it, so we have collected the details for each subscription so you know how you can connect in each case. And it is that for example, in the case of Apple (with 6 simultaneous connections), they are only possible with a subscription for shared account give their modality In Family.

Conexiones simultáneas de servicios de streaming en España

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