How to Rotate a Video with VLC

Perhaps only a few years ago, working with video- related content was not available to everyone, nor to all computers. But today things have changed a great deal, something to which specific programs such as VLC, among many others, have contributed.

But of course, not only has software influenced this enormous growth in video content, but hardware has also had a lot to do, even more. And it is that the equipment that most of us can enjoy in these moments, is more than capable of working with these contents in most types of use. Here we refer to aspects such as reproduction, conversion, editing, transmission , etc.

Rotate a Video with VLC

For example, just a few years ago, video editing in real time was a type of treatment limited to only a few privileged people. However, nowadays all this is within the reach of most users who have a PC . Of course, depending on its specifications, we can handle some video files or others. But when it comes to reproducing them, the truth is that we should not have any problem in most cases.

VLC is not just a media player

As we have previously mentioned, we can currently use a good number of applications to get the most out of our videos. There are some specifically focused on one mode of work, or for several of them. For example, if we want to focus on the world of the reproduction of files of this type, without a doubt one of the best options is VLC . In fact this is the application in which we are going to focus on these same lines.

Interfaz VLC

When speaking of the aforementioned VLC, we are actually referring to one of the most widespread and used programs in the world to watch videos . Also keep in mind that it is free and works on most platforms, devices and operating systems. But that is not all, since the secret of its enormous success is probably also given for other reasons.

With this we mean specifically that, despite being classified as video playback software, the program goes much further. This is something that their developers have taken care of, since over time they have not stopped implementing new additional functions. With all this, they have made this one of the most powerful video players, with video editing and conversion functions, among others.

A good part of them are also included in a single configuration window from which we can take full advantage of the program. To access it, just open the software and go to the Tools / Preferences menu.

Menu Herramientas  Preferencias VLC

Rotate videos in VLC Media Player

With everything and with it and despite all the functionalities that this software puts at our disposal, in these lines we want to focus on a very specific one. To give us an idea of what we intend to do from these lines, we are going to turn the videos in reproduction to where we want or need, in real time . At first this might seem like a somewhat complex or demanding task for the PC, but the truth is that VLC makes it much easier for us.

Well, for this we will show you the way to achieve it, something that we also do not carry out from the aforementioned menu option. To do this, once we have the program running and with the video playing , we are located in the Tools / Effects and filters menu.

Herramientas y filtros

This will give us a new window from which we can carry out various configuration tasks for this program. In fact here we are going to be able to make various adjustments related to both the audio and the video that is being played at that time. In addition, many of them are specifically aimed at improving or adapting both elements to our personal needs.

Preset or gradual rotation

Well, the one that really interests us in this case is found in the Video Effects tab , to then go to Geometry. In the new window that appears, it is where we can already carry out the changes that we refer to here. Of course, we must know that for all this, we must first activate the possibility of modifying these parameters , since by default it is deactivated. Thus, the first thing we do here is click on Transform.

Transformar y rotar VLC

At that time we will see how a drop-down list is activated that allows us, all in real time, to rotate the video while it is playing. A series of predefined values such as 180, 90, or 270 degrees appear in this list; in addition to being able to rotate horizontally or vertically. As we choose values, the video in the player will change. Similarly, if we want to further adjust these degrees of rotation, we activate Rotate, and we rotate the corresponding wheel in one direction or another.