Best Linux Programs to Download Files

One of the main fears when using a Linux operating system is the lack of applications. Especially if we are used to using Windows. It is true that there are applications, such as Office or the Adobe suite, that are not available for this free operating system. However, this does not mean that we will not be able to use our operating system normally. And it is that within the Linux ecosystem we can find free and free alternatives for any program that we can use in Windows.

Although people generally think that there are no programs for Linux , in reality we can find a great variety of them of all kinds. Many of them are cross-platform and we can use them in other operating systems (such as Windows or macOS) without problems, and others will be exclusive to Linux and can only be used from specific distros, such as Ubuntu.

Best Linux Programs to Download Files

If we usually use the computer to download files from the Internet , then we will see the best programs to download files that we can install in Linux.

Best Linux programs to download torrent files

The torrent network is one of the most used networks to download files from the Internet. If we know where to look, we can find everything on this network. This makes it also one of the most persecuted by the authorities and copyright companies. However, contrary to what many think, the BitTorrent network is not only used to download illegal files, but its functionality can go much further. Even used to share files between people directly.


uTorrent is the quintessential torrent download client, the most widely used. In Windows it works like a normal program, with its interface and everything you need to use it normally. However, in the case of Linux, things change. BitTorrent Inc only offers the “server” edition for Linux.

This edition is intended to be run as a daemon within Linux and accessed remotely through a compatible client. Although it consumes very few resources, it is not exactly the best for downloading files. And, therefore, we recommend using other simpler alternatives.

Despite this, if we are interested in using this program, we can download it from the following link .


Transmission Ubuntu

Among the alternatives to uTorrent for Linux, one of the best we can find is Transmission. This download client is one of the simplest we can find, in addition to consuming very few resources. We can use it both locally and to control a Transmission server connected on the network, for example, on a NAS.

In addition to being available for Linux, we can also find it for macOS and Windows. Even use it in terminal mode from any distro.

We can download it completely free from its website . And we can also find this download client in the repositories of most Linux distros.


qBittorrent Ubuntu

Along with Transmission, qBitTorrent is one of the best open source torrent clients. This download manager is somewhat more complete than the previous one, something that we will notice from the moment we first open the main interface of the program. This program has an interface similar to uTorrent, something that is appreciated if we have ever used this torrent client before.

It is compatible with all kinds of extensions (files, magnet, DHT, etc.), supports remote control and has a large number of tools and functions that allow us to download files from the Internet without any difficulty. Of course, we can also find it for Windows and for macOS.

We can download qBitTorrent from the following link . This download client is also usually one of those included by default in the repositories of the main distros.


Deluge Ubuntu

This torrent client is one of the most complete that we can find for Linux. Written in Python, it is based on libtorrent and uses a GTK interface to allow users to use it without difficulty.

In addition to all the functions that are included in this program, it is compatible with plugins. This allows users to add additional functions and features to the program that are not included by default. Of course, another of Deluge’s strengths is the complete encryption of the data, which is important in maintaining privacy when downloading files.

We can download Deluge from its main website .


Tixati Ubuntu

This client is not one of the most popular or the best known. Nor is it one of the best. But users who try it do not usually switch to another. Tixati is a very popular client especially when it comes to using the BitTorrent network in professional fields.

This download client is very easy to use and has algorithms that offer ultra-fast download speeds along with very low resource consumption. Although it is not open source, its developers guarantee that it does not hide advertising or any type of spyware.

We can download the Tixati client from the following link .


Tribler Ubuntu

Another alternative to download files from the Internet from any Linux distro is Tribler. This torrent client is especially characterized by giving higher priority to anonymity when downloading files from the Internet. To do this, we can download the files directly from the P2P networks or make use of a distributed network, similar to the Tor network, to anonymize the downloads and prevent anyone from tracking us or knowing what we download.

A program a little more advanced than the previous ones, in addition to returning to the old rewards system used in other programs, such as eMule, in which the more we share the higher priority we have within the network. However, an essential alternative for all those who want to download files from the P2P network in an impossible to trace way.

We can download Tribler from the following link .

Programs for direct download

Chromium and Firefox, two of the most popular browsers within the Linux ecosystem, have their own download managers. However, these leave a lot to be desired since they do not offer tools that allow us to have control over our downloads. If we often download files from the Internet often, browsers may not be enough.

And, of course, Linux has excellent direct download managers that will allow us to download files from the Internet with total comfort.

Free Download Manager

Free Download Manager Ubuntu

Also known as FDM, this is one of the most popular free download managers within Linux systems. This program allows us to divide our downloads into several parts so that we can make the most of the Internet connection. In addition, it allows us to adjust traffic and priorities so that we can have the most important files before and continue with the others later.

Free Download Manager allows us to download up to 10 files at a time, pause and continue downloads, set limits and even download files from the BitTorrent network. Without a doubt, a very light and easy-to-use program that cannot be missing from any computer that often downloads files from the Internet often.

We can download this download manager from the following link .


Jdownloader Ubuntu

If we are looking for an open source download manager, then Jdownloader is the one who takes the crown. This download manager is written in Java, so it can be downloaded and run in practically any operating system. Linux included.

Jdownloader is, without a doubt, the most complete download manager. It allows us to do practically everything with our downloads, and it is specially designed to allow us to download files from paid hosting, both for free (although slower) and if we have a premium account. This download manager can literally download any file from any server. It is also capable of CAPTCHA solving, and has its own container system to add multiple links at once.

Unfortunately, so many options can be chaotic for some users. And also, being written in Java, it consumes a lot of memory and can slow down the computer. Despite this, it is still one of the most used, and we can download it from its website .


DownThemAll Firefox Ubuntu DownThemAll is not a download manager as such, but an extension for Chrome and Firefox that allows us to turn our browser into a complete download manager. This extension allows us to analyze complete websites to download any type of file found in them, it manages downloads much better and allows us to filter content much faster and easier than ever.

This extension allows you to divide downloads into several parts to speed them up, and it also has a function to pause and resume downloads. Everything that any standard browser should allow at least we can achieve it thanks to a simple completely free extension.

Developer: Nils Maier
Price: Free

Developer: Nils Maier
Price: Free


uGet Ubuntu

Another very popular open source download manager among Linux users is uGet. This manager is mainly characterized by being very fast and easy to use. Each download can be divided into up to 16 parts, which significantly improves the overall download speed, being able to take full advantage of high-speed fiber connections. It also allows you to pause and resume downloads and has a queue of downloads very easy to manage, giving us absolute control over the downloads.

We can download this simple download manager from the following link .

Other download programs for Linux

In addition to the previous alternatives, we can also find for Linux all kinds of programs used to make downloads, of any type, from the distro.


Wget Ubuntu Wget is a totally free terminal tool designed to allow us to copy files from any remote server to our computer. This program allows you to download files from HTTP, HTTPS, FTP and FTPS servers, among others, and has advanced functions (such as authentication support, proxies, cookies, etc.), in addition to being able to resume downloads that have been aborted due to a mistake.

Although it does not have a graphical interface, Wget is usually available on most Linux distros by default. If we spend a little time learning its commands and parameters, we can download files from the Internet like a real hacker.


Although we can do it with other programs (for example, with Jdownloader), the main purpose of QtTube is to allow us to download YouTube videos. Its main feature is that it is a very simple program to use, so, thanks to it, we can download any video from the Google social network in a matter of seconds.

We can download and install this program manually from Launchpad .