How to Remove the Regional Block of a Mobile

Nowadays it is quite common to buy mobiles in different import channels. The desire to have the latest Xiaomi mobile or enjoy a new top of the range before anyone else is usually the reason to go to this market. When we do this we know that we are exposed to warranty issues or to having to work with a ROM in a foreign language. To this is added the possibility that the mobile is regionally blocked .

Remove the Regional Lock of a Mobile

On paper, having a locked phone means that the first time you use the phone you can only do it with a SIM from the approved countries. That is, the mobile must be activated with a SIM card issued by a mobile phone operator within the region in which the product is sold. As indicated by several manufacturers in their support service, the initial purpose of this block is to prevent possible incidents that may arise when buying imported products.

Luckily, there are several ways to eliminate this regional block if you need to use your mobile in a different country than the one you bought it from.

What lock does my mobile have?

It happens to know if your smartphone has regional lock and what type is enough to take a look at the box of the same. Here you should find a sticker that indicates the type of SIM supported by the phone.

bloqueo regional

Removing regional phone lock

The key is to use the phone, as we have said, with a SIM card allowed by the system itself. On first power up, the device will only accept SIM cards from the region the phone belongs to according to its manufacturer. Once the SIM has been inserted, the device must register with any mobile network in the region to which it belongs (home network or roaming). If you connect to a network outside the allowed region, the device will work normally, but it would not remove the regional lock.

Have to wait

Each manufacturer establishes a reasonable time to eliminate the regional blocking of the mobile . Samsung for example alleges that 5 minutes using a SIM allowed in an authorized Network will be enough to “unlock” the mobile phone while other brands, such as LG, require at least half an hour. Be that as it may, the device must be connected to a permitted network for several minutes.

Once this process is completed, without any warning or message appearing on the screen, the regional lock is completely removed from the phone and can be used with any compatible SIM card in any region as long as you turn the phone off and on again.