How to Put Calls on Hold from Your Mobile Phone

Something very common that usually happens to us with mobile phones is that we are forced not to answer a call because we are having another at the same time. By default our mobile rejects new calls as we are already in one, but this is something that can be avoided with a simple option. We just have to activate the call waiting on our mobile with a few steps that are valid for any.

Put Calls on Hold from Your Mobile Phone

In this aspect we will not find differences in Android, neither in the versions of the operating system nor in the customization layers. There will also be no changes to make the option change effective on the iPhone, as it is a very widespread option with an option valid for everyone. Later we will also learn how we can make use of these waiting calls.

Activate call waiting

The first thing we must do to allow calls on hold from the mobile is to activate the option. The simplest option and the method that works the same on all mobiles consists of a hidden code that we must enter. To activate the function we will do the following:

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  • First we access the phone app as if we were going to call someone.
  • Here we enter the following code: * 43 #
  • Then we click on the call button and a message will automatically appear informing us of the option that we have activated.

To deactivate calls on hold, we will only have to follow the same procedure, we key in the code again and click on the call button.

Another option to activate call waiting

In case this option does not work or I have a problem activating it, in some customization layers such as Samsung, Huawei or Xiaomi, we can do it from your options. For this we also have to enter the phone app, go to the calls tab and touch the three points to show access to the settings.

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Here we will have to look for a section with more options or call options, which will lead us to find the call waiting option.

How to use call waiting

Now that we have the option activated, to start enjoying and having several calls at the same time on the mobile we do not have to do anything. When we are talking to someone on the phone and another person calls us, we can also answer and the first one will be on hold in the meantime. The conversion can continue with both, because on the screen we can touch on each of the people to jump from one call to the other.

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