How to play with friends in Genshin Impact

How to play with friends in Genshin Impact

It is clear that Genshin Impact is one of the games that has attracted attention in recent times, it has even been compared to other titles. Mainly, because it is an adventure game. But, the big difference that we find with the rest of the similar titles is that you can play a cooperative online multiplayer mode, that is, we can enjoy the games with our best friends or acquaintances.

However, it is not something that we can do so easily. Basically, because unlike what happens in other video games, this modality is blocked from the beginning. Therefore, we must know the requirements that we need to unlock the Genshin Impact multiplayer and be able to spend hours and hours on this miHoYo RPG title with whomever we want. And, in case you didn’t know, this title supports crossplay , that is, we can play from the mobile with people from other platforms such as PC or PlayStation, for example.

Genshin Impact personajes

What do we need?

First of all, the main thing will be to install the video game. If this is the first time that we are going to play Genshin Impact on mobile, we have already warned you that it will take longer for us to start enjoying it. And all because all the packages and data of the miHoYo title will be downloaded. So we will have to wait.

Afterwards, we will only have to register in the video game. But don’t worry, because it will give us different options, including doing it quickly with our Google account. Then, we will have to see a cinematic in which he will explain to us what our adventure consists of. After this, we can start playing.

How to play with friends

Being a title that has the possibility of playing with friends , the big question that we find ourselves is how we can do it. Well, we already warned you that it will not be a mode that is available from the beginning. To do this, we must advance in the video game. Specifically, in order for us to unlock the cooperative mode of Genshin Impact we will have to have reached adventure rank 16 before, that is, this level. Once we reach it, the option to invite other players will appear. Even within the menu we will see a new function called Cooperative Mode.

Meanwhile, the only thing left for us to do is level up as fast as we can. And not only do you have to take this into account. As much as we have managed to get up to rank 16 in Genshin Impact , those friends we want to play with will also have to have arrived. If not, we won’t be able to start co- op with those people.

In addition, we do not have to confuse the adventure rank with the level of the character at any time. To do this, you can always check your character ‘s adventure level by accessing the main menu (the button is the one that appears at the top left of the mobile screen, next to the mini map). Within this menu, it will appear under your name, you will see the current adventure rank (as you can see in the following image).

Rango aventura Genshin Impact

Add other players

Once we already have the option enabled, we can start adding friends in Genshin Impact . Then, we will see what kind of limitations we find in the online cooperative mode of this title. But, the first thing will be to add other players.

To invite the friends you want from your mobile, you must go to the main menu through the menu button and select the Friends option. At that moment, another window will be displayed in which we will first see the list of contacts that we have added. And, secondly, we found what we were looking for. Click on the icon with two people and a ‘+’ sign.

Añadir amigos en Genshin Impact

When you log in, you will be able to add friends using the UID number . This is the key or number that identifies us. Therefore, you must give it to yourself to look for it in the video game. But what if you want to share it yourself? Very easy. There are two ways to see it, from the main menu under the name or on the bottom right screen. As you can see, it’s obviously the same number, so you’ll have to tell them so they can add you.

Finally, when you have already added them and they have accepted your friend invitation in Genshin Impact, you will be able to see them automatically when they are online.

UID Genshin Impact


We already warned you that there are different limitations regarding the cooperative mode of Genshin Impact. The main one is that we can only add up to a total of 45 people as friends . So you must choose well who you decide to add in this title.

However, it is not the only one we find. Within this modality, we will only have the opportunity to play with three users at the same time, that is, if you are a group, forget about going all together. And that’s not all. We will also not be able to advance together in the main story. We can only do side missions and world missions . In addition to that you can make Domains and Bosses.

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And if you invite other people , the guests won’t have the ability to open chests, make offerings to statues, and won’t be able to get key items while visiting your world.

The positive side, as we told you at the beginning, is that there is crossplay. It will not matter on the platform or device on which we are playing, that anyone can play in your world when you invite them.

Rank up easily

It is normal for us to be in a hurry, especially if we have downloaded Genshin Impact on our mobile to enjoy it with friends. Although, to reach this level, we will need between two and three hours. However, if we want to get there earlier, we advise you to complete all the main story missions in the prologue.

Also, visit the Adventurer’s Guild to get access to the Adventurer’s Handbook. This will appear in the main menu. When we have overcome all the missions of the main story during the prologue and the adventurer’s manual, we can get to rank up in Genshin Impact by exploring new areas, fast travel points, chests, etc.

And, by the time you hit rank 12, you’ll have those beloved daily quests available that will go a long way toward reaching level 16 .