How to Pair Apple Watch with a New iPhone

We have all been before the tessitura of releasing a new iPhone and everything that entails. We must be very careful not to lose our data in the migration from one device to another, and the Apple Watch is one of the essential accessories that must also be migrated. That is why in this article we explain all the possible scenarios to carry out this process of migration from one computer to another.


Make a backup of your Apple Watch

Currently the information we have on our Apple Watch is exclusively stored on our iPhone. That is why when we make a backup on our old iPhone we will also be copying all the files on the Apple Watch.

But we must keep in mind that we must check that the ‘Health’ option is activated in the Settings of our iPhone in order that this data can be collected in backup copies. To be able to check it, we simply have to enter Settings and click on our name at the top. Once here we will go to the ‘iCloud’ section and make sure that the ‘Health’ option is activated.

This way when we make a backup in iCloud the data will be stored. But if we are going to make a copy through our computer, we must bear in mind that it must always be encrypted so that all the data is stored correctly.

Set up the new iPhone

Once you’ve backed up, you can go to your new iPhone and start setting it up. In one of the steps that we find, we must choose whether we want to make a configuration like a new iPhone or through a backup. In order to facilitate the linking of our watch we must select the option ‘Restore with copy of iCloud’.

Once we have reestablished our backup, we will be asked if we want to use the Apple Watch and we will simply have to confirm that we do. Once this is done we will see how our watch automatically links to the new iPhone. But if not, we can always access the ‘Clock’ application on the iPhone to make a traditional link, but for this we must previously unlink the Apple Watch.

Unlink Apple Watch

In the event that the backup has not worked to link the Apple Watch on an iPhone, we must do it manually. For this, previously we have to unlink the mobile accessory that can be made both on the Apple Watch itself or on the iPhone.

Unlink from iPhone

  1. Enter the Clock application.
  2. In the ‘My Watch’ tab click on the ‘i’ next to your watch.
  3. Press ‘Unlink Apple Watch’ and confirm this action.

Unlink from Apple Watch

  1. Head to Settings> General> Reset .
  2. Click on ‘Delete content and settings’.
  3. Confirm this action to restore the factory settings.

Pair Apple Watch again

Once these steps are completed, we will have our watch as if we had taken it out of the box. That is why to configure it again we must bring the Apple Watch closer to the iPhone and automatically a message will appear that says ‘Use the iPhone to configure this Apple Watch’. In this message we must click on ‘Continue’ to begin the traditional configuration of placing the iPhone on the animation that will appear on the Apple Watch.

Configurar Apple Watch

During this configuration process we will skip the possibility of making the configuration through a backup . We will have to click on option if we want to save all the data that we had on the old iPhone. After this, we will be asked for a series of data such as the login in the Apple ID and also to be able to create a personal code as well as the possibility of installing some specific applications and features.