How to Map a Windows Key to a Keyboard that Doesn’t Have it

Although the vast majority of keyboards on the market come with one or two built- in Windows keys to perform advanced functions with the operating system, there are some models that lack it. It may also be that this key has been damaged and you still need to use it, so whatever the case, in this article we are going to tell you how you can reassign another key to perform the functions of the Windows key.

The Windows key allows you to perform advanced actions in the Microsoft operating system. For example, if you simply press it, the characteristic Start menu will open, but if you press for example WIN + E, a file explorer will open, or with WIN + L, you will lock the session on the PC. In any case, it is a very useful key for users who use this operating system, and it is worth having it active as it makes things much easier.

Map a Windows Key to a Keyboard

How to create a Windows key on your keyboard

In order to “create” a key with the functionality of Windows on any keyboard, you will need to have a Windows 10 operating system, and install the Microsoft PowerToys tool that you can download for free from its repository on GitHub . This tool also requires that you have .NET Core installed on your system, but if you do not have it you should not worry because in the installation process it will detect if you have it, and otherwise you will be offered to download and install it together with PowerToys.

Once you have the tool installed on your system, run it (Start -> Type “powertoys”) and go to “Keyboard Manager” in the menu on the left.

Keyboard manager Microsoft PowerToys

As we have pointed out in the image above, here you must first enable the feature by simply clicking on the first option. Once done, click on “Remap a key” in the central area.

Once this is done, another window called “Remap Keyboard” will open. Here click on the + icon on the left, which will take us to the reassignment of keys on the keyboard.

Remap Keyboard

Now comes the difficult decision. To assign a key the function of the Windows key you must do without another, since what we are doing is a reassignment of the function of that key. We suggest you use, for example, the CTRL or ALT on the right side of the keyboard, since they are one of the keys that are statistically less used.

Thus, on the left you must select the key you want to use, and on the right you must click on the drop-down menu to select the “Win” option.

Reasignar tecla windows

A warning message will appear indicating that from now on, this key will no longer have its usual function and will have the one we have assigned to it. Click on “Continue Anyway” (continue anyway).

Advertencia tecla windows

Once this is done, the key you have selected will function as the Windows key that incorporates any keyboard, and you will be able to perform exactly the same functions with it.

What if you regret it and want to leave it as it was?

If you regret this, if you want to assign a different key or if you want to reassign other keys, the process is very simple. Simply return to the same menu in PowerToys and clicking on “Remap a key” will show the keys that are already assigned. Simply click on the trash can icon on the right and the function will be eliminated, or if you just want to modify it, you can do it from here under the “Mapped to” column.

Reactivar tecla

This way you will have canceled or modified the key assignment that you have previously made and everything will be as before (or as you prefer if you have simply modified it).