How to make Santa Claus call your kids

Over the years, technology has changed the way we communicate, to the point that now we can talk to Santa Claus or the Three Wise Men. In addition to writing the letter to Santa Claus with all the enthusiasm in the world, now it is also possible for him to call our children, send them a message or even prepare a Christmas video in which the little ones in the house are the protagonists.

If you want to surprise your children, nephews, little brothers etc on these special dates with a call to Santa Claus before he enters our houses tonight to leave the gifts under the tree, we are going to reveal how you can make a personalized call Through the Internet and the help of some mobile applications or one of the most famous voice assistants of the moment.

How to make Santa Claus call your kids

Applications to receive calls from Santa Claus

Technology has become our best ally throughout the year and this holiday season it was not going to be less. These are some of the mobile applications with which the little ones will be left with their mouths open when they see that Santa Claus is making a call.

Santa PNP

It has become one of the most popular apps for communicating with Santa. To use it you just have to download it from the application store corresponding to your operating system, Android or iOS on your mobile or tablet.

Once downloaded, it is necessary to make a record and enter the data of the little one you want to surprise so that the app builds a personalized video and then you can play it in front of him so that the magic of Christmas is done. You will hear from Santa’s own voice your name and other personal information as well as being seen in photographs. You can get an idea of how the app works by watching this video.

XmasTime App

Another application that allows us to make a direct call with Santa this Christmas is XmasTime App. In this case, at the moment, it is only available for iOS devices . For Santa Claus to make the call, you will have to ally yourself with some magical being . You can say whatever you think is appropriate so that the children feel and live that they have an open and direct line with Santa Claus.

The truth is that this application is the best, since the conversation with Santa Claus is totally personalized and the children can directly ask him for their biggest wishes before he leaves the gifts under the tree, you know, in case there are any last minute requests with which to surprise.

Santa claus message

Some think that technology is stealing the innocence of children, but in this case it helps to give it back. With this app we can make a voice call with Santa Claus and also a video in which he will call you by name.

A fairly simple application to use in which you can completely personalize the video by selecting your family’s photographs . In this case we only have it available for Android devices.

Answer call from Santa Claus

With this application your child will think that you have the number of Santa Claus stored on your mobile . Your little one will see a photo of the mythical Christmas character on the screen and can talk to him through a direct call from Lapland.

This app takes care of even the smallest detail with which by sliding the pick-up button you can hear the voice of Santa Claus to talk to him. They are sure to be left with their mouths open. You can download it on Android devices.

Llamada Papá Noel Navidad

Alexa and Google also call Santa Claus

But we can not only get in direct contact with Santa Claus through mobile applications. We can also call you from the virtual assistants Alexa and Google Assistant.


In the case of Alexa, for example, we can do it through one of its Echo speakers. With the magic words “Alexa, call Santa” we can start a direct conversation with Santa Claus. You can also download the Santa Claus skill to ask Alexa what you want: I want to talk to Santa Claus, How long until Christmas? What is the weather at the North Pole? Etc.

Google assistant

With Google Assistant you can do the same from a Google smart speaker (Google Home or Google Home Mini) by pronouncing the words “Hey Google, Call Santa” with which we will have a direct call with him and his assistants in English. An ideal way to practice languages with the little ones in the house.

And these are some of the ways we can get Santa Claus to call our children this Christmas. A very original way to awaken the illusion in children and not so children who will have a great time preparing this Christmas surprise.