How to Make the Mobile Ring Longer Before It Hangs up

One of the most annoying things about our cell phones is how short the ringtones last . We are not talking about the songs or melodies that you have established by default for when they call you, but about the time that passes from when they start calling us until the mobile, by itself, hangs up, or the voicemail box skips.

For those of us who leave our cell phones in the furthest room, in the back of our backpack, or directly have poor hearing, trying to pick up the phone before it hangs up can be a really frustrating act. The usual result is that you manage to reach the mobile just when, when you pick it up, we hear the ringtone cut off and and a missed call icon appears on the phone screen.

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To the delight of many who don’t know, there is a simple way to ensure that you never miss a call again. All you need to do is increase the ring time of your phone .

Who does the duration of the ringtone depend on?

To change the amount of time your device rings before forwarding calls to voicemail, simply enter a code in the phone app. This will not change the configuration of the smartphone itself, but it will alter the settings that your operator has established by default for your line.

And it is that this waiting time between the smartphone starts ringing and the mailbox skips, the call is diverted or cut off, depends on Movistar, Vodafone, Yoigo, Orange or the company you have contracted. For this same reason the code differs slightly depending on the provider you work with.

Extend the call time on your mobile

To lengthen the ringtone of the mobile you must enter the codes that we leave you below, depending on the operator you have contracted.

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Regardless of each of these examples, all you have to do is enter the code in the phone app and press the call or send button. In all examples, the XXs represent the number of seconds you want the smartphone to ring before the call is dropped. In this way, if, for example, you want the mobile to ring for 25 seconds, you must replace the XX or the number 25.

By default, a phone rings for 15 seconds before forwarding the call (if you have the forwarding or answering machine function activated), but luckily most providers allow you to increase the time in 5-second intervals. Unfortunately, in general, there is a 30-second limit that cannot be exceeded so you cannot leave the phone ringing forever.

Lengthen the tone of the mobile with Movistar

If you have a smartphone “tied” to Movistar and when you receive a call, it jumps to your voice mailbox very quickly without giving you time to pick it up, all you have to do is enter the following code:

** 61 * 123 ** XX #

By default the waiting time is 20 seconds but it is possible to modify it between 5 and 30 seconds in 5 second intervals.

Extend the call time without answer on Vodafone

The case of Vodafone is somewhat more complex because you have different codes depending on what you want to do.

  • * 147 # : Sets the call time to 15 seconds.
  • * 147 * 30 # Sets the call time to 30 seconds.
  • * 147 * 1 # Code that redirects all calls to voicemail when your phone is off or out of range.
  • * 147 * 2 # Code that redirects all the calls you receive on your line to the answering machine.

codigo vodafone

In this case there are no time intervals and we can only set the waiting time to 15 or 30 seconds.

How to lengthen the ringtone in Orange

Orange also has a good number of codes to alter the time that passes until the mobile hangs up or the call is diverted, either to another number or to the answering machine.

To lengthen the ringing time before the mailbox goes off, you must dial the following sequence:

** 61 * 242 ** XX #

Again you must replace the XX with a numerical value that goes from 5 to 30.

Lengthening the tone with Yoigo

In the case of Yoigo , the only thing we can do is set the maximum waiting time, that is, 30 seconds.

To make the answering machine take longer to jump when you do not answer a call, you must enter the following code in the phone app:

** 61 * 633 ** 30 #

After dialing this set of symbols and numbers the call time will increase to 30 seconds.

Pepephone also allows you to extend the waiting time

30 seconds is the maximum we can keep a call with Pepephone on hold . To configure it you must enter this code in the phone app:

** 61 * 22177 ** 30 #

Code to make the mobile ring longer in MásMóvil

In the case of the double “M” company, to lengthen the tones before the call is cut off, you must dial the following sequence on your line and press the call button:

** 61 * 633 ** 30 #

Obviously, being part of the same group, it is the same code as Yoigo’s.

And the rest of the operators?

It has not been easy to find this information but that does not mean that other low-cost companies allow you to do the same. The most appropriate thing is that you contact your operator’s customer service so that they can tell you the code, whenever it is possible to do so.

Be careful with voicemail and call forwarding

The options we have when the call time runs out are three. By default, the smartphone will redirect all incoming calls to voicemail, which would imply an extra cost for whoever is trying to contact you. For this reason we leave it up to you whether you want to deactivate the answering machine or not.

The second option is that you have call forwarding activated from the phone’s own settings. If so, the smartphone will stop ringing and the call will ring in the terminal where you have inserted the SIM card with the number to which you have forwarded it.

The most comfortable is the one that implies that neither the answering machine nor the voicemail are active. When the ringtone time runs out, the smartphone will directly hang up the incoming call and show you on the screen that you have a missed call.