How to Make Mobile Photos Take up Less Space

One of the biggest drawbacks that technology can have on a day-to-day basis has to do with the memory of the mobile. Without waiting we can find that we have run out of storage and this in many cases is due to the excessive space that the mobile photos occupy . We cannot deny that the quality of the photos has improved significantly, although this nevertheless means that we need more memory.

Make Mobile Photos Take up Less Space

With the intention that this need does not continue to increase to unimaginable limits, we have at our disposal a series of options that allow us to reduce the weight of the photos we take with our mobile, at least whenever we want. So that we can all benefit from this, in countless Android phones we come across options that in one way or another will allow us to save memory.

Save space in Android mobile photos

Although the option that we are going to know is typical of Android 11, it will reach other versions, but only those who use the Google or GCam camera will be able to take advantage of it, including the Google Pixel or the Android One. The mobiles that benefit from counting with this camera they integrate an option that allows you to save space than in photos with the touch of a button.

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  • To activate the option initially we must access the camera app.
  • Then we enter its settings, touching at the top on the wheel or sliding the rest of the options.
  • In the options that seem to us, we will choose “Device storage”.
  • Then we will touch on “Storage saving” and automatically our photos occupy less.
  • We can also make it activate automatically when we have less than 1 GB of available memory.

Limit space on Samsung photos

If we have a Samsung mobile with us, the camera application also has an option that allows us to achieve our purpose. To use it, we only have to enter its settings and go to the “Save options” section. At this point we recommend not having the copy of photos in RAW activated, which takes up a lot of space and also activate the option of HEIF images, which allows us to save memory in Samsung with all the photos.

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Make Huawei photos take up less

Although we do not have an option in EMUI to save storage with photos , we can make a significant difference by deactivating the option of moving photos. When we open the camera, we will see a small icon at the top where we can activate or deactivate it. What it does is save a small video of the before and after photos to create animations in the gallery, which takes up a lot of space and can be useful to disable.

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Change the quality of cameras on Xiaomi

Where we do have an option that directly offers us to occupy less space is in MIUI. It is very simple and fast to reduce the space of the photos in Xiaomi , because you just have to enter Camera> Settings and touch the option where it says “Image quality”. We can choose between high, standard or low, which will progressively occupy less space, but at the same time they will lose detail.

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