How to make Mac games go faster

It is a reality that Macs are not designed for the gamer world. This can be clearly seen in the video game catalog, which is quite small within this ecosystem. This does not mean that there is not any type of game to be able to enjoy on Mac, since several options can be installed. But in this case, performance can be one of the big problems, as the hardware is not optimized for this experience. In this article we will tell you how you can get much more out of the components of your computer to finally have a better performance with games.

How to make Mac games go faster

Speed through settings

In the macOS configuration panel you can find many methods to be able to have a better performance on the Mac. Although, it may end up affecting the general experience of using the device, since you will have to give up using different very specific applications They consume valuable resources.

Track the processes that consume the most

Some applications can put great stress on the Mac and its hardware because they are not perfectly optimized. In this case it can consume a lot of CPU or GPU, which can be fatal when you want to play games. The games have a high consumption of resources to be able to generate the different maps or respond to the different orders, and that is why you should always track those extra processes that are consuming the most. Upon detection, they can be stopped to offer this percentage of CPU or GPU to the game in order to improve its performance.

cerrar apps monitor actividad mac

In macOS there is an application whose mission is to detect the resource consumption of each process. This is called Activity Monitor, which can be accessed through the Launchpad or Spotlight. As soon as you enter you will see how a list appears with the different processes with a series of values classified in columns. In the case of video game performance, pay attention to CPU and GPU consumption . In the event that you detect a process that consumes many resources, you can stop it from here by selecting it and clicking on the X that you will find at the top of the panel.

Disable visual effects

This is one of the most effective ways that exist to be able to have a better performance on the Mac. We all already live with the visual effects that exist when making a transition between screens, or when opening an application. But beyond giving a nice view to the operating system, there is no real utility, which is essential to be able to use the Mac. In this case, it is recommended to completely disable them in order to have a better performance, even if that aesthetic component is removed while you are. using the device. To be able to deactivate them, simply follow the following steps:

  1. Access System Preferences.
  2. Click on the Dock and menu bar section.
  3. Uncheck two boxes: Animate icons when opening applications and Hide and show the Dock automatically .
  4. Click “Minimize Windows Using” and select the Scaled Effect .

ajustes dock

Limit startup processes

When you install a new application, chances are good that it will start by default when you start your computer. Obviously, this consumes a lot of resources, and negatively affects when you want to enjoy a video game, in addition to the fact that it can also cause the boot time to take much longer . In these cases, it is important to always review the startup applications and deactivate those that are not essential, which will almost always be all the ones you have active at that time. To be able to consult these startup apps, simply follow the following steps:

  1. Access System Preferences.
  2. Click on Users and groups.
  3. In the left bar, click on your name.
  4. On the top tabs scroll down to Startup Items.

item de inicio mac

Once you have followed these steps, you will be able to see a list with all the applications that start when the system starts up. In this case, if you detect one that you do not know or do not need when you start up your Mac, you will simply have to select it and click on the sign – which is located at the bottom of the list. It is important that this list is reviewed from time to time in order to have a system that is as optimized as possible.

Keeping the system clean

Over time, many applications can be installed and different files can be stored that take up a large amount of space. This is something that can lead to different problems of relevance in the case of not doing a correct maintenance of the storage unit. And of course, the fact of having little space can also compromise the performance of the games and that is why having careful storage will make your games work much better.

Uninstall the apps you don’t use

As the months go by, you have to review those applications or games that you have installed. It may be the case that a specific app has not been used for a long time and has been completely forgotten. In this way, you have to carry out a review of all the apps that you have installed to be able to see if they are all useful or not. Likewise, the iCloud storage tools allow you to identify those applications that occupy a large space on the storage unit in order to eliminate them.

It is really important that applications are always uninstalled correctly, to prevent residual files from all these applications from being kept. It is not as easy as dragging the software icon to the recycle bin as it is with files. In this case, it is best to use the Launchpad, keeping the click on the icon of the specific app to then be able to click on the X that appears in the upper left corner. This is something that is carried over from the uninstallation system that you have in iOS, for example.

Desinstalar aplicaciones macOS

Avoid reaching the storage limit

The storage drive of any Mac has a very limited maximum. When purchasing the equipment, you have to choose the capacity of the unit, since it will not be possible to modify it later. Although, it is important to never reach the limit of storage that is established, as it is counterproductive. Completely saturating the startup disk with data can take a toll on performance by not being able to write and read data correctly. This obviously translates to a bad experience in video games, since they require to be constantly writing data on the storage unit. In the event that there is no space, or it is really limited, it can cause different lag problems or simply that it is impossible to play anything.

There are many tips that exist to reduce the amount of data that is stored. The first thing is to keep the recycle bin always empty, make use of cloud storage and also avoid storing videos or documents that have a high weight. Likewise, to facilitate this task, the Mac offers tools to be able to track large files. To access this functionality simply follow the following steps:

  1. In the upper left corner, click on the Apple icon.
  2. Click on About this Mac.
  3. On the top tabs, choose Storage.
  4. Click Manage.

Almacenamiento Mac

On the left you will see how a classification of the different contents that is stored in the storage unit appears. In this case, we are interested in Documents and Applications , since you can quickly see which options take up the most space. It is important to carry out this task regularly in order to avoid those files or apps that you will not end up using normally from being stored.

Reduce desk clutter

There are two types of user who use a computer: those with a desktop without icons and those with a screen full of folders or files. In order to gain performance, it is advisable to be a really neat user and have a desktop that is as clear as possible. Keep in mind that each of the icons that can be found occupies a small space in RAM. Obviously nothing happens on your own, but when the desktop is overflowing with folders or files it is when the overall performance of the computer is significantly affected.

In these situations, we recommend having a clear and organized desk. There are different functions to be able to achieve this easily, such as applying batteries, which is available from High Sierra. In this case the icons will be grouped by categories and will make the Mac work more efficiently. RAM is essential for games, and that is why it must be kept as clear as possible and this is one of the most classic measures to be able to have optimal performance.

Importance of updating macOS

This is a recommendation that always creeps through the different Mac tutorials, and it is really important. Although there are many that are very critical when updating the operating system, you have to know how to visualize the positive side of being in the most recent version of the software, in this case macOS. In each of the updates that Apple is releasing, different performance improvements are included that are vital when playing video games. In this case, different systems are integrated in order to achieve better resource management.

This means that if you have performance problems while trying to play, it is essential that you consult the latest version of macOS available to install it. It is true that sometimes the updates have some bugs, but it is necessary to keep in mind at all times that the objective of these new versions is totally the opposite, since it is intended that much more can be taken advantage of all the components of the equipment.

Actualizar software macOS

Using external applications, are they effective?

On the internet there are many applications that can be found that promise to improve the performance of the Mac. This is vital when you want to play on these computers, especially those that require a lot of resources to have high quality graphics. One might wonder if this external software can have a real implication to improve performance. The truth is that on many occasions it does have a good effect on performance by automating all the recommendations that we have been explaining throughout this article.

The only challenge that must be faced is knowing how to choose the best possible program. Among all the options available on the internet to download, you can find software that consume more resources than are saved. In general, you have to look for those programs that close the unnecessary applications to play, free up the RAM that is retained and also clean all the junk files that you may have. The only problem that may exist in this case is that many of the programs that have this mission of improving performance are not free, and you will have to pay a price for them.

But in the event that you do not want to pay anything at all, you will simply have to carry out all these processes manually. There will always be the fact that the Mac is not a computer to play as it is more designed to work and do productivity tasks. But always with these software or the advice we have given you can have a gaming session.