How to Make an Image Bigger without Losing Quality

The title of the post reflects one of the biggest concerns we have all had on occasion: to enlarge an image that we have small (or vice versa). Here come into play a series of rules that must be taken into account. For example, making a smaller image is easy, since the original quality is reduced; Now, performing the opposite process is not so simple.

When an image goes from being small to larger, the resolution will always get worse. However, this problem can be mitigated. We tell you how to make an image bigger without losing quality.


Introducing Waifu2X

Performing this task is very simple with any image editing program, from Photoshop to Paint itself. Simply increase the size to 200%, respect the width and length dimensions and voila. However, we want to go further with Waifu2X.

This program with a Japanese name is the best known to perform the title of the article. Although it was initially created to resize manga / anime images, it quickly became popular among users around the world. After all, an image is an image, its content does not matter.

To access Waifu2X there are two possibilities. The first is through the Internet, where you can find a web page that performs this process. Simply upload the image, set a few parameters and wait for the servers to return the result.

The second way is through a program for Windows. This option is, for us, the ideal one. The software expands all the possibilities offered by the website, from density levels to size, the type of model that is even the image range to be configured.

We recommend you try it and make your first steps. Of course, an important note: the settings that appear by default are more than suitable to take advantage of the program.