How to Download Content from Google Photos to Your PC

There are few services that we use more than Google Photos. Stop to think about it for a moment: almost certainly you have it linked to your smartphone, so this means that you use it daily. Yes, you may not realize it, but you are using it!

How many photos do you have uploaded there? And if you would also like to save them on your computer in case they are deleted? We tell you how to download all the content from Google Photos to your PC easily.

Google Photos
Google Photos

RaiDrive is the key

To store all the snapshots on our computer we don't need cables or anything like that: it's much easier. First of all, download the RaiDrive program.

Once you have it installed on your PC, click on the “+ Add” symbol and look closely at the drop-down that appears.

Of all the existing options, the only one that interests us is where it puts Google Photos, as you can imagine. Click there and also choose the folder in which you will save all the photos and videos you have in the cloud.


Remember to create a new one and assign a partition that has enough space available, just in case. When you finish, click on “OK”.

If all goes well, the program will take you directly to a Google page for permission. Log in if you ask and do it without fear, since it is a logical procedure.

The rest is nothing more than completing the entire process and letting RaiDrive start downloading all the material to your PC. We warn you that it goes a little slow and sometimes it can get desperate, but finally I will end up downloading everything (and that is the most important thing).