How to know the news that your version of iOS included


Every time Apple releases a new version of iOS to the public, it brings forth a range of fresh features and options that were not present in the previous iteration. If you’re curious about the specifics of the latest version installed on your iPhone, you can now access this information much more conveniently through the device settings. In this post, we will guide you on how to easily explore the details of the iOS version you have installed.

Check the news of iOS from Settings

In addition to the guided functions and initial tutorials that explain the latest features, iOS additions can be accessed at any time by navigating to Settings > General > About > Software Version. In this section, you will find the installed iOS version displayed as a numerical value. By tapping on the version number, you can delve into more detailed information about the update.

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While you won’t find an exhaustive list covering every single change, the most significant additions, adjustments, and modifications will be highlighted. If you desire more comprehensive details about the installed version, simply click on the “More Information” button.

Here, you will find a dropdown menu displaying the functions, applications, and enhancements that affect the iOS operating system with the new update. Additionally, if you wish to access even more detailed information, the iOS Version tab provides a direct link to the official Apple website where you can explore specific information about the update, including security-related matters. This includes details about security vulnerabilities and the corresponding patches addressed in that particular update, which will be covered in the following section.

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The types of iOS updates

iOS operating system updates can be categorized into three main types. Firstly, there are the “major” updates, which are the final versions released annually. These updates introduce a significant number of new features, functions, applications, and interface redesigns, enhancing both the user experience and the device’s operation.

Secondly, we have the “intermediate” updates. These versions of iOS are released to add functionalities that were not present in the initial major release or to address security vulnerabilities and introduce new applications.

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Lastly, there are updates specifically focused on fixing security vulnerabilities without introducing any new features, options, or application changes. These updates do not involve a system redesign and are solely aimed at patching identified issues. Although they occupy less storage space, these updates are crucial for safeguarding the security of our devices.

All three types of iOS updates can be accessed and reviewed in the same manner, following the steps outlined in the previous section. Additionally, Apple provides a dedicated webpage where they inform users about the discovered iOS vulnerabilities and detail the corrective measures taken to address them. This resource serves as a comprehensive reference for staying informed about the security aspects of the iOS updates.