How to Know the Temperature in a GPU of Your GDDR6X VRAM

Know the Temperature in a GPU of Your GDDR6X VRAM

NVIDIA, Samsung and Micron introduced a new version of the already famous and more than used GDDR6: the GDDR6X. This new VRAM is a much improved evolution of the first one, but it has only one problem, and that is that it reaches a very high operating temperature, so it is convenient to have it monitored accordingly. Until now we could not do this without a probe, but now a program is able to read its value. As it does?

We could think that such cutting-edge and specific software as GPU-Z would be the first to unlock this option by reading certain sensors and algorithms for temperature for the GDDR6X VRAM memory . But no, it has been another well-known software that now offers this very useful parameter and that will help us to keep at bay a value that is becoming key today in terms of the life of these VRAMs.

HWiNFO64 comes first and offers us everything we need for reading

Micron GDDR6X

If you have an RTX 3000 card, you will surely be aware of the very high temperature that the GDDR6X of your card reaches, where in many cases they fall within the maximum threshold specified by the manufacturers.

It seems incredible, but certain manufacturers and GPU models do not deal with this problem by passive or active dissipation in an effective way, and of those mud this sludge. Therefore, now that we can read the value, it is convenient that we monitor the parameter after some time playing or in gaming marathons, so that we have the security that everything is under control.

We are going to explain what we must do to access the corresponding reading. First, we have to download the program in version 6.41-4359 (it is a BETA version) or higher from its official website .


In this website we will have three options, where the most common are in installer mode (the traditional one), portable mode (without the need to install the program) and for DOS, which we will ignore.


We have chosen the portable version for not filling the Windows registry with more trash. Once downloaded we will have three files, where two are executable and one is .ini, so we will run the 32-bit or 64-bit version depending on our operating system.

So we can read the temperature of the GDDR6X VRAM


Once we are inside the program we will have this image, where we will have to go to the Sensors button, at the top of the program. Once pressed we will have a small recognition of the main buses and after that we will have a small window that will show us all the values that the program has been able to read.


At that moment we have to scroll down the parameters until we reach the section of our GPU, where we will have to locate a value called “GPU Memory Junction Temperature”, which specifies the temperature of the GDDR6X VRAM, which is what really interests us .


Apparently the reading is really accurate as some users are reporting similar temperatures using two-pin probes so we could consider the software measurement really very accurate, although not 100% perfect in terms of update times as such.

It is expected that GPU-Z will also include this feature shortly, since GDDR6 is correctly read by this program.