How to Know if Your Mobile Has Pending Updates

Who doesn’t like updates ? A new version of Android , whether it’s a system change, just a monthly security patch or a WhatsApp update, is usually always synonymous with more security and new features. Many phones receive regular updates these days, but you may have some pending and don’t know it.

If you are not sure if you are up to date with the updates or if you have any pending for your phone, here we are to help you and tell you where to locate the files pending to be installed on your smartphone. Be it an Android mobile, a Huawei or an iPhone.

Differences between updates

When updating our smartphone we must be very clear about what we are installing. Although it may seem the same, not all software is installed in the same way or, above all, from the same place.

  • System updates : This is where the Android version changes come in and it is the way to receive new functions on the mobile. They can be large (go from Android 11 to Android 12) or light revisions (from MIUI 12 to MIUI 12.1, from EMUI 11 to EMUI 11.1, etc …)
  • Security patches : Every month Google releases a series of bug and problem fixes that reach our smartphones in the form of security patches. Installation is mandatory if we want to keep our data safe.
  • Updates apps: Each app is updated independently of the version of Android or layer of customization we have. We can do it from the Play Store, App Store or App Gallery, in the case of Huawei.

problema actualización android

Before updating …

There are 3 conditions that we must all meet before we start installing new software on the smartphone . The first of them is to have the mobile charged above 75%. If you can leave it at 100%, all the better. The second is to download connected to a Wi-Fi network, since the weight of these files is usually high and we do not want you to run out of data the first time you change. Finally, you must make a backup copy to keep your content safe in case of problems during the update.

System updates / security patches

This process may vary by phone; Most phones are quite similar, but you may need to adjust a few things for your specific device.

  • On an Android mobile : you must enter the Settings menu from the application drawer of your mobile. Find out if there is a specific entry for Software Updates. If you don’t see it, you may need to look within the System or About Phone menu first, then look for System Updates in that submenu.
    This screen will display all the System Update options. Tapping “Check for updates” will start the process of downloading the latest software available for your phone, but you can also change a few other things, like turning automatic updates on and off and checking the last time you received an update.
    Once you have pressed the button to check for updates, you will be prompted to download the files and the update will install automatically, your phone will reboot during the process and voila.actualización manual xiaomi
  • On an iPhone : iPhone software updates are done in a similar way. You can check for software updates through the Settings app on your device by going into the General menu. Inside here select “Software update” and, if your iPhone’s operating system is up to date, a message will appear to that effect. Alternatively, if there is a software update available for mobile, you will be notified and given the option to install the update.

App updates

While in a Huawei mobile the system updates are carried out following a similar route to that of the rest of Android smartphones, the app updates are more different.

Inside Play Store / App Gallery

  • Update apps on Android: If you want to configure updates for individual apps on the device, you must access the Google Play Store Google Play app and display the side menu. Select My apps and games. and simply select the app you want to update if it has a pending update.
    You can automate this process by enabling automatic downloads. To do this, display the side menu of the app store and scroll to the Settings menu. Press Update apps automatically and select how to do it: Through any network to do it with Wi-Fi or mobile data, or only through a Wi-Fi networkActualziacion-manual android
  • Update apps on Huawei: Open the App Gallery and click on your profile in the bottom bar. Here you will find a notice of pending updates in the Updates menu where the apps pending to change version will be shown.
    If you wish, you can also enter the settings menu at the top and enable the automatic update via Wi-Fi, or by data.
    actualizar apps huawei

In App Store

In the case of an iPhone, we must open the application store as in Android. Enter the App store and click on your profile icon at the top of the screen. If you go down the screen you will find all the pending updates with the information of the changes that the new version brings. If you wish, you can update each of them manually by clicking on its corresponding button or selecting “Update all”.

To activate automatic updates you must go to the Settings app, enter the App Store menu and activate the option “App updates” in the Automatic download section.

descarga automatica iOS

Outside app stores

We all know that installing apps from outside the Play Store , App Gallery or App Store is a risk for the user, but there are times that it is the only way to use a certain version of an app.

If you want to update an app that you can’t find in the Play Store, you can always turn to repositories like APKMirror , where you will find all the Android apps available on the market with their respective version history. Simply enter the name of the program in the search engine and download the revision you want to your mobile.


To install it, allow the installation of files of unknown origin from the Security menu of the Settings app and follow the on-screen instructions to apply the update.