How to insert a PDF into a Word document

The Word and PDF formats are undoubtedly the two most popular and used when creating and sharing text documents, in addition to editing a PDF and a word. It is usual after creating or modifying a document in Word, converting it from Word to PDF or merging it to later share it. However, there are also many users who have found or may find themselves with the need to insert a PDF into a Word document. Therefore, below we will show the steps to follow to insert a PDF into a Word document.

First of all, we must differentiate between whether we want to insert a PDF into a Word document as an icon and link to the PDF document itself or if what we want is to insert part of a PDF into a Word document as an image so that it is displayed directly in The document.

How to insert a PDF into a Word document

Insert a PDF

There are several methods with which we can add a PDF to Word… we can insert the entire file from the blank document, we can take a screenshot and upload the screenshot… Or we can insert the PDF through a link or hyperlink in the text.

Insert the entire file into Word

If we want to add the content of a PDF we can do it by inserting the content from Word itself. You can do a test on a blank document and the steps are:

  • Open the Word document
  • Go to the top of the menu and search for “insert”
  • Look in the menu and go to the “Text” section
  • Here, choose “Object” and click on the arrow to open the options
  • A drop-down menu will open with different possibilities
  • Choose “Insert text from file” as you see in the image below


At that moment, a new file explorer window will open where we can go to the location we want on our computer. We can search for the different documents that we want to insert. From here, browse through the folders on your computer until you find the files you need to insert a PDF into a Word document. Choose the PDF you want and confirm with the “ Insert ” button that we see at the bottom of the window. Automatically the content of the PDF will be inserted into the Word document.

Insertar PDF

We can first test with a blank document to see if it is inserted correctly and does not spoil the content. In any case, save the original Word document before inserting the PDF and we will avoid problems in the future. When we have it, we can insert the PDF and see the final result with all the content combined.

Just repeat the process as many times as you want to add the PDF to the Word document and have as much content as you need in the created document.

add as image

This is not one of the best ways to add a PDF to Word but it can be useful if we want something quick or just want to add an image or graphic. It is not a good idea if we want to add text, but it can be an option in the case of photographs or any type of graph and diagrams that can be useful to insert into Word.

In this case we will simply have to take a screenshot of the document you want. We can do it through the Windows screen capture tools or by using the Print Screen button on the keyboard and later pasting it into an editing program, either Paint itself if you are looking for something simple or in Photoshop


Once we have the cropped image, we simply have to go to Word and go to the menu at the top. From the menu, we choose “Insert” and look for the “Illustrations” section. Here, you choose “ Images ” and click on the arrow to open the different options. Choose “Insert images from this device” and find the screenshot you just took. We will add the image to the content of the Word document and we will have inserted the content of the PDF in Word, it will be enough to move the image and place it where we want.

Insert a PDF link into a document

The third of the options is that we link a PDF to a Word document. Although for it to open correctly we will need to have the document on the same computer or device if we want to open it or we cannot access the content. We simply insert it as a hyperlink with the anchor or text that interests us.

What we must do here is select the words or words in which we want to add the link and go to the top of the Word document, to the top menu of the program. Here look for “links” and choose the “insert hyperlink” option. The explorer window will open where we can go to the different files on our computer. We can choose between four options: to an existing file or web page, to a place in this document, to create a new document or to an email address… If you choose a document, you simply have to search for the PDF file and link it to the document.

Insertar enlace PDF

Once you have done it, you will click on the link to open the PDF for us. It is not as such a way to insert a PDF in a complete Word document, but it does allow us to have both the Word document and the PDF that interests us linked.

Merge multiple PDFs

If what we want is to merge both into a single document, we have the option of changing the format and using specific programs, although we would not be inserting it as such, but joining them. Most websites and programs allow us to merge several PDFs but not several Word documents, so you simply have to convert the Word document into a PDF file to later use one of these specialized websites and “merge” them.

We can go to IlovePDF and at the top we choose “JOIN PDF”. We will see a red button in the center of the screen from which we can add the files we want.

unir archivos pdf

We will have a resulting PDF with both documents combined and you can convert it to Word if you want to keep this format. Without leaving the web, simply go to “Convert PDF” and choose the “PDF to WORD” option and we can have the document in an editable format to change any detail that interests us, be it content or typography.