How to Free up RAM on a Mac Computer

Macs are a product that generally works wonderfully, however, misuse, or ignorance of certain “tricks” sometimes make the operation of the computer slow down, therefore, in this post we want to teach you some tips that you can carry out to free up your Mac‘s RAM memory and make it work faster.

What is RAM and how does it affect the operation of your Mac?

First of all, you have to know what RAM is, so that in this way, you understand the reason why the actions that we expose in this post are carried out to make the Mac work faster. RAM memory is the storage that the computer uses for the tasks and processes that are running or taking place right at that moment since one of the main characteristics of this is its speed. The computer stores in RAM memory, temporarily, all the data of the programs that you are using at that moment.

Free up RAM on a Mac

Therefore, the more RAM memory your Mac has, first, the more programs you can use simultaneously on your computer, or also more demanding programs, and second, the more fluid the computer will work. These are the two main ways that RAM affects the operation of your Apple computer.

See how much RAM your Mac consumes

Before starting with the actions to be carried out to free up RAM, it is interesting that you are able to know at all times how much RAM your computer is consuming so that you can also make the decision or not to carry out corrective measures. For this, the Mac has a native tool that will provide you with this information, it is called “Activity Monitor”. Follow the steps below to find out how much RAM your Mac is consuming right now.

  1. Open the Activity Monitor app.
  2. Go to the Memory tab.
  3. In the memory column you will find which apps are consuming the most memory at the moment.
  4. At the bottom of the app you will find more global data such as the amount of total memory your Mac has as well as the memory you are currently consuming.

Monitor de actividad

Free up your computer’s RAM memory with these simple steps

Reboot the device

Restarting the device is one of the processes to be carried out as a correction to many problems, in this case, it works because when we restart the Mac, all the processes and applications that were running are closed and therefore, when we start again the computer RAM memory will be practically free. Therefore, if you are not used to shutting down or restarting your computer, we recommend that you do it every so often to make your Mac work faster.

Close the apps

If while using your Mac, you notice that it starts to slow down or that it is difficult for you to carry out daily actions that would not present any problem under normal conditions, we recommend that you identify which are the applications that are consuming more RAM memory and, in case you are not using them, close them so that the computer can run more fluid and faster. In this regard, we recommend that you have open only the applications that you are using at that time.

Keep your Mac up to date

Actualización de software

Keeping your Mac updated to the latest version of macOS is one of the actions that will make your Mac work as optimally as possible. Perhaps the RAM problems that you are suffering on your Mac or may suffer in the future, have their origin in the operating system of your Mac, so keeping it updated will guarantee that in most cases it will eliminate those possible problems that may arise to affect the RAM of your Apple computer. To find out if you have a pending software update, you just have to go to System Preferences, click on Software update and it will appear whether or not you have to install a new version of macOS.

Use these apps to free up RAM

CleanMyMac X

This program or application is one of the best allies you can have to keep your Mac in good health. Among all the functions it offers, one of them will notify you when your Mac is running out of RAM, at which point you can use its tool to free up memory. In addition, through the direct access that you have in the upper toolbar, you will also be able to know the status of your RAM memory at all times and just by clicking “free” it will carry out a series of processes that will free up your computer’s RAM memory. .

Clean My Mac X

Dr Cleaner

Dr Cleaner is another of the most famous programs or applications to keep the Mac in good health. Among the functions it offers you can find the one to free up RAM memory. In addition, in the same way that CleanMyMac X does, Dr Cleaner will also show you in its direct access the amount of RAM that you are consuming at each moment of the day.

Most frequent RAM failures on Mac

There are some symptoms that your computer can present that indicate that the RAM memory is running out of space, in addition, these symptoms are easily identifiable. One of the most common is that the application you are working with closes unexpectedly because the Mac does not have enough RAM to carry out the processes that the application itself needs. Another clear symptom of a lack of RAM memory is the slowdown of the entire system. A sudden shutdown of your Mac can also be caused by a lack of RAM. A characteristic sign that is sure to happen to practically all Mac users is the appearance of the famous rotating beach ball on the cursor, this is another clear sign that your Mac does not have enough RAM.