How to Fix Motorola Fingerprint Sensor Problems

Motorola mobiles usually opt for the fingerprint reader on the back or side, although we also find models like the Motorola Edge that already implement it on the screen, but also problems with the fingerprint sensor can appear in Motorola. To avoid this complicated and annoying situation, we are going to give you all the steps to follow.

Fix Motorola Fingerprint Sensor Problems

It is true that we have available the PIN, pattern or even facial recognition, but the most secure and reliable method is that fingerprint reader as it is something unique and impossible to imitate. Since Motorola does not have any customization layer and relies on stock Android, we are going to try to take advantage of the options offered by the system and some of the most useful additions of the great M.

The fingerprint sensor does not work

When we place our finger on the position of the fingerprint reader and it does not make a vibration or an animation on the screen, we are facing the biggest problem with the Motorola reader . This means that it is not working and it will be convenient for us to remember if we have hit it in order to start thinking about the official Motorola technical service if nothing we show you works.

Sensor de huellas lateral del Motorola Moto Z3

Check for an update that fixes the problem

Sometimes the failure can be specific and just by entering Settings> System> System updates, we find the solution. After we have updated it or even if we have not done it or we recommend restarting the mobile, perhaps the failure in this way stops affecting us.

Find the problem of your Motorola mobile

The tool that can help us the most with Motorola failures is the problem analyzer. Among the applications we will find the problem diagnosis app, where if we enter we will have access to an option to test the fingerprint reader or even the screen in case we have it integrated under the glass.

test diagnóstico motorola

This will give us a failure as a result and we will be able to identify that it is not something specific and we will have to think of alternatives to recover it. It is convenient to use this function from time to time to know at all times that the elements of our mobile have not failed.

Fingerprint reader failures in Motorola

Sometimes the problems are less than we can imagine and with just a little patience and following the exact steps we can recover its operation. For this reason, we are going to delve into the Motorola options and then have some of the situations that make us have more problems with the reader.

Reconfigure it

Our fingers are not always the same, sometimes we can have a small scratch that changes it minimally and this is enough so that the fingerprint reader in Motorola does not work . Given this, it is best to reconfigure what we do with the following steps:

configurar sensor huellas motorola

  • We access the Settings of our mobile.
  • We look for the security section and enter it.
  • Then we choose the Fingerprint option.
  • We select add fingerprint.

Vary the position

Both to check if it works and to add a new fingerprint as we have shown you, it is important that we vary the position of the finger. We can do this as many times as necessary with the same finger, which ensures that there are fewer problems when trying to unlock it . The finger does not only have a central position and we have to make sure that the entire footprint or the largest possible proportion has been recognized and then not have to be precise when using it.

Dry your finger and fingerprint reader

After showering, bathing in the pool or doing any task related to water, it is normal for the fingerprint reader to fail because it is wet. To make it work, you just have to wait for your finger to dry completely, although we must also check that there is no water in the fingerprint reader. In both cases it is a simple and patient solution.

Be careful with some screen protectors

protector media markt

When the fingerprint reader is under the screen, it is normal that our mobile sometimes fails with certain protectors. Sometimes the recognition system does not work because the light it emits to detect the fingerprint is diluted by the protector and it costs a lot to ensure our identification. Given this, we can only use an alternative protector if we want the screen to be protected and we can use the fingerprint reader in Motorola .