How to find and protect a lost Huawei mobile

The problem most feared by mobile users occurs when we lose sight of our smartphone. Little by little, the different layers of customization have been adding options to find and recover it, including among them the Huawei option that is on all their smartphones.

We don’t need the latest model, the latest version of EMUI, or even HarmonyOS. With any device we will be able to benefit from this advantage to find the Huawei device , which will not only help us to recover it, but also to keep it protected in case of theft or someone finding it before us and trying to access the data that we will save at.

find and protect a lost Huawei mobile

Activate the search of your Huawei mobile

Before testing the location system or needing it, it is important that we follow a very important process or else there will be no way to enjoy it and help the terminal. To do this we have to start by entering the Settings from our Huawei smartphone, to touch the first option that gives us access to the Huawei account where the backup copies are generated. We will have to use our email, with an existing Huawei account or a new one.

Next we will come across several available options that are linked to our Huawei account, as well as security measures that we recommend you configure to be able to access this information again in case you forget the password. But the really important thing to find our lost mobile is in the section called Cloud where we will have the possibility of activating the location and tracking of the Huawei smartphone in critical situations.

buscar movil huawei

So that it is ready at the most necessary moment, we just have to enter the “Search device” section. From here we will have to activate the “Find my phone” options and we also recommend turning to “Send last location”. The first of the options will give access to the specific position of the smartphone as long as we have the GPS activated, as well as the internet connection and the terminal is turned on. The second measure, however, will be in charge of sending the location to the cloud for our consultation when it is about to shut down so that we can find it even if it has been a while since its disconnection.

Steps to find a lost Huawei mobile

In case we have lost the Huawei mobile, what we will have to do in all those cases that we have already done the previous process, is as easy as following the steps that we are going to show you. In a matter of seconds we will have our mobile located and we can go to recover it along with all the data. A process that begins by getting another smartphone, tablet or computer to enter the Huawei cloud and follow these steps.

huawei cloud

With the help of the user, which is email and password, we are going to enter everything that we have saved in our cloud through the Huawei mobile. In case we do not remember the password, we can always choose to try to recover it and it will give us several recovery options to be able to locate the smartphone as soon as possible.

huawei cloud seguridad

At first, several blocked options will appear, since a validation is needed from our smartphone, email or phone number. However, Huawei will allow us to access the search for the dissipative, since in order to complete the rest of the steps we may need it. We will then touch on the option “Search for device” and without having to do anything else, the exact position of the Huawei mobile will be shown on a map so that we can go to recover it.

encontrar movil huawei

The map will help us to get closer to its location, but we will also be able to play a sound when we are very close to know exactly where it is. In this way, if someone has gotten ahead of us and carries it in their backpack or has stored it somewhere, we can find it before it is too late.

To protect mobile data, as you can see in the right side window we have the option to activate Huawei Lost Mode . With this option we are going to create a special emergency password for this situation and that only we will know, since we have just created it, also a message will be left so that if someone else finds it, they can contact us and return it to us as soon as possible. possible. In this way we also encrypt all the data that we have stored, so that it is impossible for other people to access them.

The final and most drastic option is the one that offers us to erase the data, which we only recommend in very specific cases, since if we find the mobile later we will not have the photos, files and the rest of the elements. A critical solution for a moment of such caliber.

Do I need Google apps?

The advantage of this option to find the Huawei mobile once lost, has been improving by leaps and bounds since the United States’ veto was implemented, which forces many of its smartphones to stop having Google applications. Therefore, it will not be necessary to have access to the GMS and on any Huawei device with EMUI 9, EMUI 10, EMUI 11 or the following versions as well as HarmonyOS, we will be able to use the Huawei cloud to find the terminal, as long as we have configured it correctly.

The extra tool with GMS

In case we have not been astute and we have not activated the Huawei Cloud location option, we still have a recovery option as long as we have Google apps. This begins by entering our Google account from a device and then accessing Find My Mobile .

borrar movil cuenta google perdido

This tool developed by Google does not need any prior activation on smartphones with its services, allowing us to find the exact position, to make it ring and also activate a lost mode if necessary. Recovery tools compatible with Huawei , but above all, they will save us from the problem that can occur if we did not know about it until we have needed it.