How to Find a Lost Apple Watch Step by Step

It had to happen sometime. You have lost sight of your Apple Watch and, better said, time has stopped. Take it easy, take a deep breath and keep reading because we are going to indicate the necessary steps so that you can find your beloved watch as soon as possible or, at least, you can contact the person who found it.

What to do when you have lost the Apple Watch

Find a Lost Apple Watch

Before anxiety can take your patience, the first thing you must do is go to your iOS device and open the Search application , or open a computer browser to enter your iCloud account, to be exact, to the Search section . It will be there from where we can manage all our devices that are registered with our iCloud email.

That is, when setting up an Apple device for the first time, we had to configure an iCloud password and password to access services such as iCloud email, Photos, Contacts or Calendar, also including real-time tracking functionality. with the Search function.

Apple Watch Buscar

It will be this last function that will get us out of trouble, since accessing it we will see a record of all our registered devices with the last status that they could report while they were connected. If they continue online, they will continue to appear, so you can select them and take the necessary steps. They are as follows:

  • Play sound : Activating this function the device will begin to play a sound so that we can listen to it and find it if it is nearby.
  • Lock / lost mode : In the case of Mac and iPhone / iPad, we can remotely lock the device so that no one has access to the data. In the case of being an Apple Watch, the option becomes lost mode, which we will explain later.
  • Delete: We will remotely delete all the content on the device.

It is very important that when configuring an Apple computer or device for the first time, we activate the Search function, since otherwise there will be no other type of service that does not serve to locate the device.

How to find Apple Watch on a map?

Apple Watch Mapa

If you have lost the Apple Watch and want to know exactly where it is in the world, you can do it from the Search application. Whether from the official application or from the web browser, you can see the location of your registered devices with the help of Apple Maps so that you can locate yourself immediately.

To access from a computer, visit and log in with your Apple ID account.

The problem will be that, if your Apple Watch is the model without a data connection, it will not appear on the map unless it is connected to a WiFi network or to the iPhone itself.

I’ve lost it, what can I do?

Apple Watch perdido

If you have located the Apple Watch on the map and you are very far away, or you just still cannot find it even making the alarm sound, you should go to the next step in the action plan. Tap to report that your Apple Watch has been lost, and for that we will have to activate the Lost mode on the watch.

This mode will be responsible for placing a personalized message on the watch, indicating that it has been lost and that they could contact you through a phone number. Thus, if someone finds the Apple Watch, they will see the message and they will be able to contact you immediately. To activate this mode you must do it from the Search application or from the browser.

Apple Watch modo perdido

Both on iOS and on the computer, you must select the Apple Watch and activate the option “Mark as lost”. When choosing it, the interface will ask you for a contact phone number and a message that you can display on the screen. Once done, you will receive an email confirming the activation.

To deactivate it you will only have to repeat the same steps and select deactivation. The watch will return to its normal state.

What can I do if my Apple Watch does not appear on the map?

If your watch is completely disconnected from the world, you have no choice but to prepare the ground for a possible connection. To do this, it activates the Lost mode and prepares the message so that, if someone finds the clock and connects to some network, it forces the device to enter Lost mode to request a password for any restoration action.

You should also change the password for your Apple ID to prevent them from using other services linked to the watch. And finally, contact the police to report the lost item. Do not forget to bring the serial number of the watch, you can find it in its original box.