How to earn 50 euros a year in PayPal

PayPal is one of the most used ways to pay online, thanks to its great comfort and great security with its buyer protection. If someone you know did not use it until now, you have a golden opportunity to have an account created and both of you earn money with it.

PayPal has launched a promotion in which we can take up to 10 euros for each person we add, where each of the participants where we will take 10 euros, and the other 10 euros for the person who registers in PayPal.

earn 50 euros a year in PayPal

10 euros for each person we invite

In order to receive the money, the first thing to do is invite someone through a personalized link , like this one . We hand it over to him, and we tell him to sign up and link his credit or debit card, or bank account . Once that is done, when the person sends or spends 5 euros or more on a purchase or a money transaction, they both receive 10 euros of balance in their PayPal account.

Offer is available for all registrations between June 1, 2021 and December 31, 2021 . The recommender can obtain a maximum reward of 50 euros , with a limit of five recommended that meet the requirements of the reward. Transactions, if canceled, refunded or voided, are not valid. Rewards are shipped within two weeks .

Recommendations can only be made to family, friends, people, or acquaintances. The address cannot appear in public places online or otherwise, since if PayPal detects for example that the address appears in a forum, it may disqualify the participant from the promotion and determine that all their entries have not been valid.

Other PayPal promotions

PayPal usually also has other promotions available for its users. Another way to get free money with PayPal is to verify our account. To do this, you just have to go to this link and create a PayPal account with the email address that we use in the social network where we have seen the offer, although it may work with any account. If the registration complies with the promotion, we will receive 5 euros free in our account that we can spend as we want.

Also in the past, PayPal gave away months of HBO for free, and there are currently only two promotions available: a 5% discount on Mister Auto , and a 14% direct discount with Hotelopia .