How to do psychotechnical tests with your mobile

It is one of the tests that we have to pass periodically from the first day we take off or when we are going to renew the driving license . The psycho-technical test tests our reflexes and coordination to see if we are fit to take the wheel. Although it is true that passing it is not a challenge, it never hurts, especially for the most novices, to take a look at what we are going to find in the test.

As we said before, this is one of those tests that we must approve yes or yes – and pay – periodically, the renewal period being shorter as we get older. If this is your first time, you have to know that it is the psycho-technical test that allows us to test before the relevant authorities if our reflexes are still as sharp as they should be when we are behind the wheel. In addition to testing if we are good by hearing or by sight, since they are two senses that we will need when driving. To do this, we can use several applications that we find both in Google Play and in the App Store. In this way, they will allow us to check if we are fully ready to pass the ‘ITV’ of the drivers.

do psychotechnical tests with your mobile

The games of the ‘balls’

Surely what is remembered the most of the psychotechnic are those games that remind us of the Atari, in which we have to keep two balls on the road that go through different roads, or lanes, and in which we have to ‘guess’ when it will come out. a circle of a square at a certain speed.

Although it is clear that on the mobile we do not have the controls that we will find in the psycho-technical examination room, it will not matter, since it will be the same principle that we can practice from different applications that we will download totally free from the app stores of our phones .

App juego de 'bolitas' psicotécnico

The first option is for Android, known as ‘DRIVING PSYCHOTECHNICAL TEST’. We just have to download this software at the following link and start practicing this fun and simple test:

If we have an iPhone in our possession, calm down, because we will also have an app at our fingertips to be able to check our psychotechnical skills from our Apple phone. In this curious way, we will know our level of coordination and if we will easily be able to pass the test of the ‘balls’ of these tests that we will have to take every time we want to renew the driving license. Therefore, you should download the app ‘Driving psychotechnical test’ and start testing your abilities:

Especially, both the iOS application and the Android application are the most interesting that we will find in the application market of both stores, since Apple’s option is the closest to the real exam and that of Google’s operating system will be a more ‘fun’ challenge, since as we improve, the balls will be bigger and the road narrower. In addition, you will not need any type of additional registration to start doing psychotechnical tests with your mobile.

Test your sight

The truth is that for these tests it has cost us more to find specific applications for the driving license in Spain, especially within the app store of Apple phones.

In fact, for one of them that has visual and auditory tests we have to resort to software based on the tests they do in Chile, but which are valid and similar to what we find in Spain. So it will also help us to practice before going to renew the driving license. The first option is one of the most complete, since it will offer us to test our visual acuity, color vision and audiometry. Although, later, we will see more applications to perform hearing tests from our mobile phones, whether they are Android or iOS.

App Psicotécnico

Now, we do not lack applications to calibrate our visual skills, even if they do not have to do with the driver’s license. For this, we leave you some of the most interesting that we can download for free from the following links. In addition, we also leave you an App Store option. However, as we warned you before, within the Apple store, the possibilities are very scarce, in addition to the reviews already let us see that they are not of great quality.

Check the ear

Hearing when driving is another of the most relevant points, not only to renew the license, but so that we can get it without any problem. Therefore, if you have doubts about your capacity, you can always do a series of tests from any phone . Although, as in the previous case, within Google Play the options are better known and better valued. However, we will also leave you an App Store application so that you can do the audio test you want from your iPhone phone.

App prueba auditiva

However, they are basic tests that will not serve as a diagnosis as such, but they will help us to know to a certain extent the quality of our hearing. The same will happen in the case of the following iPhone app:

Are they reliable?

These apps can give us more or less an idea of what we will experience in a real psychotechnical test, so it will be of great help for those who are going to do it for the first time. Even, it will also be ideal to refresh our memory if we did not remember what these tests were like to renew the driving license.

However, as much as these softwares assure us that everything is in order, it will only be indicative. Therefore, the final result, in any case, will be the one provided by the clinic where we will do these tests. Therefore, the diagnoses that these mobile tools give us will serve as a guide , but it must be clear that it is not a real test. Although, it will also depend on the similarity of the exercises carried out by the app that we download, since, as we have seen, some of these options are more similar to real psychotechnical tests.