How to disable iPhone vibration completely

Apart from the silent modes and mute switch, the iPhone offers settings that enable users to turn off system vibration entirely. This feature can be helpful for saving battery life or if someone doesn’t prefer their iPhone to vibrate when receiving calls or notifications. In this article, we will discuss how to disable the vibration feature on an iPhone.

No need to use the physical switch

disable iphone vibration

If you want to silence your iPhone, you can do so by using the side button. This button switches off the sound of your calls and notifications, leaving only the vibration. However, you can customize your iPhone’s vibration and sound settings through the Settings menu.

It’s worth noting that there are two different sections where you can disable vibration on your iPhone: the keyboard and calls/notifications. If you want to turn off both of them, you’ll need to disable them separately.

To disable keyboard vibration, go to Settings > Sounds and vibrations. Look for the Keyboard Response option and select it. Here, you’ll see two options: Sound and Vibration. To turn off keyboard vibration, simply toggle the Vibration option off.

remove vibration keyboard iphone

To turn off the vibration of the system, we need to navigate to the same section as before, i.e., Settings > Sounds and vibrations. Then, we need to locate the section named “Vibration in silent and sound modes”. In this section, we can find two options: Vibrate in Sound mode and Vibrate in Silent mode. We can choose to disable either of them based on our preference. By doing this, we can completely disable the system vibration of the iPhone.

disable iphone vibration

To sum up, the iPhone has different settings to manage vibration, and we can disable system vibration by going to Settings > Sounds and vibrations. There, we can deactivate the Vibration option under Keyboard response to disable the vibration when typing on the keyboard, and we can also deactivate Vibrate in sound mode and/or Vibrate in silent mode under Vibration in silent and sound modes to turn off the vibration for calls and notifications. By doing this, the iPhone will not vibrate at all. However, we can also choose to make it vibrate only in sound mode or only when it is in silent mode.

Why it can be good to turn off vibration

Disabling the vibration feature on the iPhone might appear counterintuitive, but it can be advantageous in some cases. For instance, when the battery life is low or has degraded, the vibration feature of the haptic motors on the iPhone consumes power, albeit not excessively. Thus, disabling these vibrations can help conserve battery life.

Furthermore, it is a common belief that setting the phone on vibrate mode will help save battery power. However, the opposite is true. The iPhone uses more energy vibrating the motors than emitting sounds through the speakers. Hence, putting the iPhone on silent mode using the side button and disabling the vibration feature in that mode will conserve battery power without the need for any extra steps.