How to Create and Share an Amazon Wish List

Amazon is the giant of online shopping. And it is that every day there are millions of people who come to the platform to buy all kinds of things. While some simply go when they don’t know where they can find something they need, there are many others who go daily to do the shopping, look for gifts for a birthday, a wedding, a special moment, etc. This has led to more and more people using Amazon wish lists.

If you have not used them yet or are thinking of doing it to create a gift list for an anniversary, wedding or birthday, we will show you below how to create the list with everything you want, manage all the products or share it with other people.

How to Create and Share an Amazon Wish List

What is an Amazon Wish List

It is the best way to save all those that we would like to receive or send as a gift , since it is possible to create this type of list either for ourselves or with ideas to give to other people.

The platform allows us to have as many lists as we want, being able to easily differentiate them based on the name we give each one of them. It is advisable to put the event for which the list is created or the name of the person to whom the gift is to be made.

Therefore, we could say that it is the closest thing to the gift lists that we usually make for special events such as birthday gifts, anniversaries, retirements, Christmas, weddings, etc.

Steps to create a wish list

We can create a wish list with everything we would like to be given or the ideas to give to someone both from the web browser on our desktop and from the Amazon app on the mobile.

From the computer

In the event that we use the web version of the online shopping giant, these are the steps to follow to create a wish list:

  • We open a window of our web browser.
  • We go to the Amazon site.
  • We log in with our user account.
  • We hover the mouse pointer over the Accounts and lists option that is displayed right next to the article search engine.
  • Within the My lists section, we click on Create a wish list . It will surely ask us for the password to our account even if we have already identified ourselves previously.
  • We give a name to the list of and click on Create list.
  • Next, we touch on the icon with the three dots next to the word More that is shown in the upper right part of the Your Lists section and click on the Manage list option .
  • This will open a window in which we can configure our Amazon list. There we will be able to change the name of the list, indicate if we want it to be a public or private list, recipient, account email, birthday or event date, description, shipping address, etc.

  • With everything configured to our liking, all we have to do is click on the Save changes button.

It is important to note that only list owners can make modifications from the Manage list option. Now, both the owner or owners and the collaborators can add or remove products without any problem. The shipping address is confidential, so if someone sends us a gift from our list, they will only see our name and the shipping address. Once the order is processed, the shipping address cannot be modified.

From the phone

To create a Wish List from the mobile it is necessary that we have the Amazon app installed on the device. If not, we can get it for iOS and Android devices from the previous links. Next, we open the app by logging in with our user account and:

  • We open the main menu.
  • We click on the Wish List option.
  • We click on the See lists link that appears at the top.
  • Click on Create a Wish List .
  • We write a name for the list and click on Create.

lista de deseos Amazon

Regardless of whether we have created the list from the web or from the app, there is an interesting aspect that we must take into account, the possibility of configuring the option Do not spoil the surprise . Luckily, Amazon wish lists are set up to keep the gifts they buy secret, however, it is possible to find out which products have already been purchased by applying the Purchased product filter.

sorpresa lista deseos amazon

The option Do not spoil the surprise means that if you try to buy a product that has already been purchased from the list, the platform will notify you to avoid repeat purchases . It is an option that, although it is activated by default, should be reviewed to avoid certain problems. To do this, we go to the Amazon list, select the Manage list option from the ··· More option, scroll down and check that the option Do not spoil surprise is checked. If necessary, we save the changes.

Add and buy products from the wish list

At any time we can add new ideas or products to the list. That is, on the one hand we can contribute ideas for gifts and also, or later, we can search for our ideas on Amazon and add the item or gift in question. For example, if we want to propose a watch as a gift, we can add it as an idea to the list and later, with time, search for the watch that best suits the tastes of the person to whom we are going to give it and that is within the budget we have for the purchase.

To add an idea to the list , the first thing we have to do is go to the wish list and click on the option + Add idea to list . A text box will be automatically enabled for us to write the gift idea that we have come up with and it will be added to the list. Then or later at the time we want, we can go back to the list and on the idea that we have contributed, click on the Search results option.

lista deseos amazon

This will cause an automatic search on Amazon with the text of the list idea as the search parameter. If we find what we want we can add it directly to the list, otherwise we can carry out the necessary searches until we find the ideal gift. Once we have found it, we enter the detail of the item and in the right panel where the price, date of entry and buttons to add to the cart and Buy now is displayed, we will find the button Add to wish list .

If we do not see it, we must look at the bottom of said panel. If we click on the tab that appears next to the button, a menu will be displayed with the options to save and buy, add to any of the wish lists that we have created or collaborate and the option to create a new list.


For the products added to the wish list it is possible to add certain comments, as well as the quantity that can be given away or even assign different priorities. In this way, we can indicate which are the preferred gifts and which are the ones that we would like if all the desired ones are purchased.

To do this, all we have to do is go to the list and click on the option Add comment, quantity and priority. This will open a window in which we can write the comment we want about the product, up to a maximum of 250 characters, assign it a priority, desired units and if it already has any.

Buy products from a wish list

If we want to buy any of the items or ideas from a list, then we go to the list itself, review all the items added to it and click on the Add to cart button .

This option will only appear if it is an article added to the list, it will not be available if it has been added as an idea. To buy a product that is as an idea on the list, we will have to be the ones who look for the item in question, add it to the list and later to the basket to complete the purchase process.


It is advisable to previously add it as an item to the list and then make the purchase from the list itself so that it is reflected that it is a gift that has already been purchased and thus avoid duplicate gifts. Once we purchase a gift, it will be marked as Purchased on the list.

It is also possible to mark a product as purchased even if we have not purchased it on Amazon, in this way we will also avoid confusion and the possibility of duplicating gifts.

Share wish list with other people

You can configure a list to be public or private. To do this, we simply have to go to the list, enter the Manage list option and change the privacy of it. Now, we can also send the list to other people so that they have access to the wish or gift list.

From the list page, we find the option to Send the list to other people, which is displayed in the upper right right next to the ··· More option. By clicking on this option, we will be shown a small window in which we can indicate if we want to invite someone so that they can only see the list, without the option to edit its content, or if we want that person to be able to add articles to the list, delete them, buy, etc.

In any case, a link will be generated that we can share with other people or friends by sending it to them by email. It is also possible to share a wish list from the + Invite option that appears at the top of the list. In any case, it is important to know that when we share a list, your privacy will change to shared even if we keep it private.

Modify or delete a list

As we have already seen in the previous sections, it is possible to change or modify certain aspects of our wish list. Basically, the owner of it can change the name, privacy or certain settings, while if we share our list with other people, they will be able to see it or even edit it.

Among the actions that Amazon allows us to perform on a list we can highlight:

  • Add products.
  • Delete products.
  • Buy products from the list.
  • Add comments, quantity and priority.
  • Move products from one wish list to another.
  • Share it with other people.

At the moment that we no longer need the created list, these are the steps to follow to delete or delete it:

  • Let’s go to the list on Amazon.
  • We click on Manage list in the upper right, button ·· More.
  • Click on Delete list at the end of the window.
  • We confirm that we want to delete the list.

It is important to know that only the owners of them, that is, the user who created them, and never other collaborators, can delete an Amazon wish list.