Goodbye to having two remotes: control the TV with the Movistar remote

There will be many times that we will confuse the command when trying to change the channel, when we want to turn off the TV or when we are going to raise or lower the volume. And it is that, having two remote controls for a single television can be a real chaos on different occasions, especially at the beginning. However, now thanks to a new option in the Movistar Plus+ UHD deck, it will not be necessary to have two controls.

Having a single remote to control each of the functionalities of a television or, at least a large majority, is an option or feature that we cannot miss out on at any time. Above all, if we are tired of finding the right command at all times. Therefore, take a look at what’s new from Movistar.

control the TV with the Movistar remote

The Universal remote function

If you are tired of having to look for the control of your TV that fulfills the function of increasing the volume, turning off the television or the remote to change the channels of the Movistar Plus+ desco, the Universal Remote function is for you. The best of all is that we can do everything with our beloved control without having to always have both controls nearby, both the television one and the blue operator one.

To do this, you must follow a series of steps to complete the configuration. A process with which we will achieve a true universal remote control without problems. In this case, the Movistar voice command that comes with the Aura assistant has been used. In addition, it has been tested that it allows you to perfectly turn the TV on and off, as well as raise or lower the volume. Therefore, to activate this functionality you must do the following:

  • We go to the settings of the Movistar+ disk (gear icon).
  • Tap on the Universal Remote function that we will find in this menu.
  • Inside, we must configure the command.
  • In the Use universal remote option, we put Enabled .
  • For the TV On/Off tab, you will have to try the HDMI-CEC or Infrared option. You will have to choose the one that works for you.

Because it does not work

There are not a few users who have tried configuring the Movistar remote to control their TV and turn it into a true universal remote, but they have not succeeded. As reported from the blue operator, there are still some models in which this new feature has not yet come to work . Therefore, this could be the main problem that prevents us.

In addition, this universal remote configuration is not compatible with all Movistar decos. Everything will depend on whether we have an Arris or Humax decoder. In the case of the former, they work without problems, however, in the latter, different problems have been reported with which it has not worked properly. Although, if this has happened to you, you can contact the operator’s technical service to report the problem and have a technician sent to check the error.

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