How to control heating with your mobile to save money

With the arrival of the winter cold, the most normal thing is that we immediately use the heating in our house, causing it to be on for many hours at the end of the day. For this reason, it may be common to be able to leave it on after a while, so this may end up causing it to stay on with the energy expenditure that this entails. For this reason, your mobile phone will be the best ally so that it does not happen again.

And it is that thanks to the domotization of the different elements and devices that we have in our house, we already see as something normal the fact of being able to control some of the electrical appliances that we have at home. But among all of them, it is not so common to see how the heating is controlled with the mobile; something that we can do, but for which certain previous questions are needed.

control heating with your mobile to save money

What I need?

As with many other household appliances that we have at home, not all that exist on the market are always valid, but we have to have a specific type of heating or some element that connects the heating if what we want is to control it with our mobile .

In this case, we are talking about that we will need a smart thermostat that will connect to WiFi and in this way, our mobile can connect to it thanks to this type of connection. Once we connect this thermostat to the WiFi connection, we can do the same with our mobile phone and we can make a connection between the two to be able to control the thermostat through different apps .

If it is not our case in which we have a thermostat that can connect to WiFi and it is something that we need as soon as possible, it should be noted that it is not complicated at all to change this type of installation in the same way in which these devices are not very expensive , so it can be a good investment. For this we recommend some thermostats so that you can get hold of them.

Apps to control heating

It is not only worth having a thermostat that is compatible via WiFi, but we will also need an app on our mobile phone with which to connect this thermostat. There are many and some thermostats come with their own apps, but we leave you with several universal examples for the thermostats that we usually have at home.


As with Google Home, the technology giant’s app is one of the most used when it comes to the connection between the thermostat -which in this case must be Nest- and our mobile phone. Thanks to its intuitive interface , we will have the opportunity to control all the tools that we can usually use with our thermostat as if we were in front of it.

If the thermostat we have is not Nest, we can possibly link it with the other Google app, Google Home and from there we can easily control it. Although this one from Google is one of the most used on the market.


Developer: Nest Labs


Among all the smart thermostats that are used by the vast majority of users, there is a brand that predominates along with Google , such as Tado , which also has its own app -which also works wonderfully- in order to control the same with our mobile phone. With this application, controlling the thermostat will be a breeze, being able to access it and be able to give orders anywhere.

If there is something we like about this app, it is that its compatibility is maximum, being able to do it with both Alexa and Google Assistant in the same way that we can include this thermostat in Apple HomeKit.


Developer: tado